What Is Breece Hall’s 40 Time?

Breece Hall is a running back who played his college football at Iowa State University. Throughout his time in college, he earned many accolades including being a consensus All American in the 2021 season and a unanimous All American in the 2020 season.

Despite all his success as a running back many football fans do not Breece Hall’s 40 time.

Breece Hall ran an official forty-yard dash of 4.39 seconds at the 2022 NFL combine. Breece’s 4.39 was the sixth fastest forty times for runningbacks though this was a fast group of players at this position.

Being six feet and one inch tall and weighing two hundred pounds a sub 4.4 forty yard dash is very impressive.

Other 40 times from his draft class include Garret Wilson’s 4.38 or Treylon Burks 4.55.

Pre Draft Strengths And Weaknesses


Has the size of a high-volume back

One of the positives of Breece Hall coming into the league is his size. Hall has the frame of an every-down back meaning he can potentially play all three downs of a series.

This sort of frame will allow him to consistently handle a large number of rushes per game while still remaining healthy.

Touchdown monster from all ranges

Another positive of Breece Hall is that he can generate touchdowns from anywhere on the field. Throughout his collegiate career Hall had five touchdown runs that were seventy-five yards or longer.

On top of those five, he scored another forty-five rushing touchdowns throughout his time at Iowa State. These touchdowns all came from different ranges on the field which means Hall can be dangerous from just about anywhere.

Recognizes lane development before it happens.

Hall also has the ability to recognize rushing lanes in the offensive line before they happen. This is a crucial aspect as vision is very important in the NFL.

Once playing at this level it is much more difficult to beat players solely with speed and strength.

Having quality vision entering the league makes a large difference.


Handled heavier workload with 800 touches over three years

Throughout his time in college football, Breece Hall touched the ball a large number of times. NFL teams have come to notice that running backs only have a finite number of carries until injuries stop popping up.

This large number of carriers by Hall in college can be seen as a negative for some.

Jukes Himself out of balance

Another negative about Hall’s game is that he can often throw himself off balance after making a juke. In college, football Hall would often have enough time to regain his balance and continue on his run.

In the NFL this isn’t the case as defenders are always close by. If Hall’s jukes tend to slow him down he will almost always be brought to the ground by a nearby defender.

That concludes our article on Breece Hall’s 40 time, check out some other popular players 40 times such as Derrick Henry’s or Saquon Barkley’s.

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