What Is A Gunslinger Quarterback In Football

In football, a gunslinger quarterback is a player that is always ready to force a pass down the field. Gunslingers can be great for your offense as they always seem to find a way to score.

Unfortunately, gunslingers are often responsible for an increased number of turnovers. These types of quarterbacks can often make or break your team due to their high highs and low lows.

Advantages Of A Gunslinger QB

No Fear When Throwing

At the highest levels of football the windows to complete passes become smaller and smaller. These tight windows can often make it feel daunting to throw the ball as a quarterback.

A gunslinger quarterback does not usually feel these sorts of fears when throwing the ball. If you need a first down on a third and long a gunslinger will attempt to squeeze in a pass despite the coverage.

Willing To Improvise

Some quarterbacks tend to run out of ideas when the intended receiver is covered. A gunslinger quarterback will often find a way to make a play out of nothing.

Sometimes the qb will take the ball themselves or often they’ll scrambling long enough to find a receiver. This sort of thinking allows for more successful broken plays.

Short Memory

Another benefit of a gunslinger is that this style of quarterback has a short memory. Oftentimes quarterbacks will throw an interception and become timid. This can affect the quarterback’s ability to pass the ball downfield.

Gunslinger quarterbacks don’t tend to care too much about throwing interceptions. These players can go right back out there and push the ball downfield after a turnover.


Increased Interceptions

The main selling point of this style of qb is that they are not afraid to make any type of throw. The downside of this style of play is the increased interceptions.

Just like other quarterbacks, sometimes gunslingers miss. When these players do not hit their target they are more likely to throw interceptions.

This is because these quarterbacks don’t tend to throw check down passes very often. The throws of a gunslinger often come with a few defenders nearby.

Increased Sacks

Since these quarterbacks tend to extend plays they can often be responsible for more sacks being taken. These quarterbacks don’t often accept that a play is done and will try their best to find a positive outcome.

Though sometimes this works it can also result in more sacks in the backfield. In other words these qbs do not often check the ball down or throw it away.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all a gunslinger quarterback is a fearless football player that doesn’t mind a little risk involved with his throws. These quarterbacks have a short memory and look for a touchdown first each and every time they touch the ball.

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