Do NFL players live in the city they play in?

The NFL season features seventeen games total with only eight or nine home games in a given year. This leaves many fans wondering if football players live in the cities they play in.

The majority of football players only live in the city during the season. That being said a portion of players decide to live in the city they play in year-round.

A large portion of NFL players are going to show up in the city of their team in the late summer to start training camp and OTAs as opposed to living in the city. From this point on they will live in their city until the season is completed.

Once the season is finished players will often move to their primary house for the offseason.

Why do some players live in the city they play in?

Now that we’ve established most players do not live year-round in their football team’s city you may be wondering why some decide to stay.

They’ve spent a lot of time there

One of the main reasons you will find that NFL players live in the city of their team is because they are long-term players.

There are many examples of players that spent their professional careers in a community and learned to love it.

Many of these men moved there right out of college and stayed there until they were in their thirties. This results in many of these players having a connection with the city.

It is also common for players to develop a community of friends and family in the city they play for. If your child goes to school in the area for a number of years then players will have planted some roots.

They grew up nearby

Another reason that a player will live where he plays is that they often grew up nearby.

It is quite common for NFL teams to draft players that live in the nearby area. These players are often extra motivated to play for this team and the close proximity means the team was able to scout them quite a bit.

These sorts of players tend to live in the city because it is already close to their homes. By staying in the city year-round they will be able to stay close to their family.

That is their new home

Players will often live full-time in their team’s city if they commit to making this place their home right off the bat.

Plenty of NFL players come from difficult backgrounds that aren’t the kind of places you want to move back to.

It is common for these players to move oftentimes with their families to their new city. If they end up purchasing property this often means they will be living in the city year-round.

Why players do not live in their team’s city


One of the main reasons why players don’t live in their team’s city is the weather. Plenty of players grow up in warm climates and simply aren’t used to the cold weather in some cities.

For these players moving out of the city at the end of the season is often the best course of action.

Nightlife and size of the city

NFL players may also decide not to live in their team’s city year-round if they do not like the size of the city or its nightlife.

Many of these players choose to live their offseason in California or Florida in order to enjoy what some of those states have to offer.

Players in smaller markets like Minnesota or Buffalo may find themselves bored in the offseason.

For some players, this is enough reason to move away for the offseason.

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