What do football players drink during games?

After winning a big football game you will often see coaches getting large containers of Gatorade dumped on their heads. But is that the only thing players drink throughout the game?

The majority of football players are going to drink water or Gatorade during a game but some players will bring their own specialized drinks as well.

Drinking water

When your body gets hot it is going to produce sweat to cool itself down. This works to lower your body temperature but it also causes you to lose fluid.

When wearing football equipment and playing in hot environments a lot of fluid is going to leave the body.

For this reason, players drink water to replenish that fluid. If players fail to drink liquids they will find themselves dehydrated.

When a player becomes dehydrated their mind and their bodies are not going to perform at their usual levels.

Players will find their decision-making is not as effective and their bodies will not move as effectively as they usually do.

When looking to rehydrate water is one of if not the best options. For this reason, a large portion of football players are going to be drinking water on the sideline.

It is also important to know that Gatorade signs large branding deals with the NFL. This means almost all the cups and bottles on the sideline are going to have this branding.

If you see a waterboy carrying cups with a Gatorade logo it does not necessarily mean that they are drinking Gatorade.

A large portion of these Gatorade cups are going to be filled with water. Additionally, many of the large Gatorade coolers are going to be filled with water as well.


Though not every player is going to be drinking Gatorade during a football game a large portion of them do.

There are a few reasons why many players drink Gatorade on the sidelines. One reason is that it replenishes your electrolytes.

In Gatorade, there are multiple electrolytes that can be replenished in your body. Potassium and sodium are both present in Gatorade and need to be replenished after vigorous physical activity.

This will help to keep players hydrated and playing at their best. Additionally, Gatorade features a small number of carbohydrates that can help give the body more energy.

Special Drinks

Some players like Tom Brady are especially picky when it comes to what they are putting in their bodies. Brady himself will often drink water on the sidelines but that is not enough to replenish his electrolytes.

Brady does not drink Gatorade or other sports drinks because of the sugar content that is included in most of them.

Instead, Brady has a custom made lemon drink that features tons of electrolytes. This drink does not include any sugar which helps him avoid the energy crash that can come with it.

Brady’s team will make him this drink before the game and have it stocked up on the bench. There is no telling how many players may custom drinks on the sideline though Brady is one of the first to come forward saying he does it.

Unfortunately, Brady did not explain the drink ingredients himself as he says his training staff makes it for him.

That concludes our article on what football players drink read on with our guides to what football jackets are called or where football players pee during games.

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