Do practice squad players receive super bowl rings?

Practice squad players receive super bowl rings if their team wins the championship but these rings are often cheaper than the ones rostered players receive.

The 2020 NFL CBA states that players on the practice squad team must receive a Superbowl ring. It goes on to state that the organization may choose to give them a ring of lesser value.

This means these players are guaranteed to get a ring though it may be a less extravagant version. This is a fairly common practice in the NFL as the top-tier Superbowl rings players receive are quite expensive.

Ranges have each of these Superbowl rings costing thirty to fifty thousand dollars.

When a team wins a Superbowl it is common to give out rings to more than just the players. Coaching staff, equipment managers, and front office personnel are often given rings as well.

If these were all the same quality as player Superbowl rings then it would become incredibly expensive for the organization.

In order to still honour those that have helped the team practice squad players and team employees often receive the lesser value versions of the Super Bowl rings.

That being said some teams may choose to give practice squad players real super bowl rings when they win the championship. This decision is made by the organization and not the NFL.

Why do teams give rings to practice squad players?

The reason NFL teams are so keen to give rings to the practice squad is because of their help with the team.

Many football fans think of practice squad players as players that aren’t quite good enough. But these athletes play a very important role.

During practice, starters are not going to go head to head against the starters on defense.

This present too much of a chance for injury. Instead, the practice team will play against the starters in order to prepare them for the game.

Oftentimes these players will mimic upcoming opponents so that the starters will be ready for the next game. For example, when playing an incredibly mobile quarterback the defense might want to practice keeping them contained.

In these situations, practice squad players can be used to act as a quarterback. This allows the players to more effectively develop a game plan against their opponents.

At the conclusion of the season, the team knows how important it was that these practice squad players were around. To reward them for their accomplishments the organization will give these scout team players super bowl rings.

Do cheerleaders get Superbowl rings?

Cheerleaders are similar to practice squad players in the sense they receive a lesser value version of the Superbowl ring.

Oftentimes cheerleaders will not receive a ring itself but some sort of congratulatory gift. Several teams have put Superbowl rings on pendants which the cheerleaders may wear to show it off.

Other times give traditional super bowl rings though they are of a lesser value than the ones given to the players on the active roster.

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