What Is A Comeback Route In Football?

comeback route

A comeback route in football is a receiving pattern that features a receiver running a predetermined distance downfield only to stop suddenly and turn back towards the quarterback and the sideline. Comeback routes are typically shorter routes with the majority of these receiving patterns being run about ten yards down the field. When running a … Read more

What Is A Post Route In Football?

post route

A post route in football is an intermediate to deep receiving pattern that has the receiver run in a straight line down the field before sharply turning fourty five degrees towards the uprights. A post route earned its name because it directs players towards the goalposts in the middle of the field. A corner route … Read more

What Is A Crossing Route In Football?

crossing route

If you watch football often you have likely heard the football commentators mention a crossing route. This terminology is known by wide receivers but for many casual football fans, it might as well be gibberish. A crossing route in football is a receiving pattern that has the player travel across the field without making any … Read more

What Is A Curl Route In Football?

what is a curl route

Between all the different terms for positions, plays, penalties, and routes it can be tough to keep up with football terminology. That is why we’ve written this article on curl routes in football. So you can find an answer to the question of what is a curl route in football. A curl route in football … Read more