What Is A Screen Play In Football?

screen play

There are tons of different formations, schemes, and plays in the game of football. This ends up leaving many fans wondering what terms like “screen play” mean. A screen play in football is a passing play in which several players will abandon their usual assignment in order to move in front of the intended receiver … Read more

What Is A Reverse In Football?

what is a reverse

Have you ever watched a football game and heard a defensive player or coach yelling “reverse, reverse”? This terminology used in football refers to a running play that often catches the defense off guard. A reverse in football is a play in which the ball is carried aggressively towards one direction before quickly being passed … Read more

What Is A Corner Blitz In Football?

corner blitz

A corner blitz in football refers to a play in which a cornerback rushes the quarterback in an attempt to tackle him before he throws the ball. This play is unique because the cornerback position rarely rushes the opposing team’s quarterback. Cornerbacks are usually responsible for covering wide receivers and making sure they do not … Read more

What Is Jet Sweep In Football

what is a jet sweep in a football

A jet sweep in football is a play football in which a wide receiver comes in motion across the formation and receives the ball from the quarterback. The vast majority of these plays are handoffs from the quarterback to the receiver, though the ball can be shovel passed as well. In the situations in which … Read more