How Is Americas Game Of The Week Determined?

Each week of the football regular season a single game is selected as America’s game of the week. And though most fans are aware of these games and have watched them many times, most do not know much about how they are selected.

When it comes to America’s game of the week it is simply the nationally broadcasted game on Fox that week. Each week one game on fox will be nationally televised as America’s game of the week.

The process of choosing who plays in this game is determined by fox themselves. This decision is made with the intention of getting the most views possible.

In other words, the executives at Fox will look to find which game is going to get the most fans at home to tune into Fox. This means they are not necessarily choosing the best game of the week but rather the one that will get the best viewership.

For this reason, you will find America’s game of the week will often feature big market teams. This includes teams such as the Cowboys, Giants, Jets, Patriots etc… While teams like the Bills, Jaguars, or Titans may fail to get into many of these games.

Fox, of course, is not able to choose the schedule so when picking the game of the week they will be selecting from the slate of games that has already been determined by the NFL.

When Did Fox Start Broadcasting Football?

Fox originally bought the rights to air NFL games back in the 1994 season. Fox joined several other stations in broadcasting the NFL but decided to do it a little different.

Fox decided to focus on the entertainment of the game rather than in-depth focus of the game itself.

Once broadcasting rights were acquired fox made several changes to NFL games broadcasting that we still see today. First, they introduced a continuous on-screen scoreboard and game clock.

They also added microphones that picked up stadium noise and on-field sounds from the players. Fox later stated that these ideas came from Madden video games.

Fox has now extended their rights to broadcasting NFL games until 2033. Meaning you will be watching Americas game of the week for many years to come.

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