How To Become A Starter In Football

One of the most sought after goals for most football players is to become a starter. With a large number of players on a football roster, it can be difficult to get time on the field.

The most surefire way to get time on the field is to become a starter at your respective position. Throughout this article we are going to break down several methods a player can use to improve his chances or being a starter.

Excelling In Practice

One of the most effective ways to improve your odds of being a starter and improve your standing within the coaching staff is by excelling in practice and tryouts. As a second-string or third-string player practice is likely the most time you will get on the field in front of the coaches.

By putting in an extra effort in practice you will find the coaches may change their opinion on you. After all these coaches don’t always know how good of an athlete or how talented you are.

It is your job as a player to make your talent noticed and give the coaching staff no choice but to start you.

Additionally, a player that works hard in practice is always appreciated by the staff. Most coaching staffs know the importance of having a good locker room.

When players come to practice and are willing to work hard this is not only going to benefit the player but ultimately the whole team. This effect is not lost on most coaches meaning working hard in practice will put you in their good graces.


Another method you can use to become a starter in football is to focus on consistency. Many players look to find ways to make a big play or get a highlight clip. While most coaching staffs simply want a player that can do their job consistently.

Focusing on consistency means you are putting what the coaching staff values first. This allows the staff to feel more confident in giving you more playing time.

If you are a running back this means you should always be looking to pick up a few safe yards as opposed to trying to hit a home run each play. If you are a wide receiver you are going to always make sure you catch the ball and never drop balls due to looking down field too early.

The avoidance of these mistakes is going to make the coaching staff more confident with putting you on the field.

Find The Right Position

Though you may have a favourite football position coming into the season sometimes changing things up can help you get on the field.

Oftentimes players gravitate towards exciting positions like wide receiver or running back. Though these positions can be fun the competition is going to be quite difficult.

If your main goal is to get on the field than looking at a thinner position may be your best option. First off check out your teams depth chart to determine which position would be easiest to start at.

You then want to identify which positions that you can play with your skillset and stature. Find which of the positions fit these criteria and talk to the coaching staff about playing them.

This strategy will not only give you more opportunities to start for your team but will also show the coaching staff that you are willing to make sacrifices in order to get on the field.

Knowing The Playbook Inside Out

One more method you can use to improve your chances of being a starter is to know the playbook inside and out. Coaches always appreciate a player that always know what they are supposed to be doing.

Taking the initiative to study the playbook is going to allow you to play your position effectively. Learning not only your duties but also the duties of your teammates will make you more effective on the field.

This will also move you up on the depth chart towards being a starter especially those that have failed to memorize their portion of the playbook.

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