Super Bowl Vs Pro Bowl What Is the Difference?

If you are new to the game of football you may be wondering what the difference is between the super bowl and the pro bowl. Though these games sound similar they are incredibly different.

The Super Bowl is essentially the finals of the NFL season. In other words, the super bowl is the championship game. The winner of this game is declared the winner of the NFL season.

The pro bowl on the other hand is a collection of the best players in the league playing against one another. These players come from all different teams across the league and join up for a single all star game.

Understanding The Super Bowl

So we know the Superbowl is the championship game of an NFL season but how exactly do we get there.

Every season each team will player seventeen regular-season games in order to determine which teams make the playoffs. A total of fourteen of the thirty-two teams make playoffs.

Each of the four division winners from each conference will make the playoffs as well as three wild card teams from each conference.

These fourteen teams will then play head to head matchups in one game eliminations to see who moves forward to the next round.

The final two teams standing will go to the Superbowl in which they will play one game against one another to determine who the winner is.

Understanding The Pro Bowl

The pro bowl on the other hand is a game which is played the week prior to the Super Bowl. This game features all the best players from around the league.

In this game, the AFC will play against the NFC. Based on this year’s performance coaches, players, and fans will vote on which players should play in the pro bowl.

This is done by position meaning each voter will decide who they believe should play in the pro bowl at each position. Several players will be chosen at each position so that the team will have multiple backups.

Players also tend to carry an invitation to the pro bowl as a feather in their cap. Making it to a pro bowl means you are one of the best at your position.

Though when comparing Pro Bowlers and All-Pros, being an All-Pro is much more respected.

Oftentimes when a player’s career is being evaluated fans will take their number of pro bowl appearances into account.

The Pro Bowl is often held in a tropical location in order to entice players to attend. NFL players do not have a very long offseason and are usually looking for a break when the season comes to an end.

Playing one more game in February is not something most players are going to look forward to. For this reason, the NFL hosted the Pro Bowl in Hawaii for many years.

This way players will be able to bring their families for a vacation and have a chance to interact with other NFL players while they are there. Despite this many players still no-show for this game.

Issues With The Pro Bowl

Unlike the Superbowl, the pro bowl is not always an anticipated sporting event. There are several different reasons why the pro bowl tends to not be loved by fans.

Players Opting out

First off many players decide to opt-out of the pro bowl and decide to instead spend their time off relaxing.

If several players decide to miss the game at the same position it can cause issues.

With several players already being selected and then a few more dropping out you may find your Pro Bowl players are actually the fifth or sixth best at their position in their conference. This isn’t quite the exclusivity the Pro Bowl want with their games.

Additionally, any players that make it to the Superbowl are unable to play in the Pro Bowl because their game is the next week.

This can leave crucial positions like quarterback down to their third or fourth options.

Lack Of Effort

Though players opting out negatively affects the pro bowl the biggest issue by far is the lack of effort. In a pro bowl game, it is blatantly clear that these players are not trying very hard.

Since all of these players want to avoid injury they know the best way to do that is to take it easy. This results in many plays not even ending in a tackle. Instead, the players will just be wrapped up and the whistle will be blown.

This can be understood from the player’s perspective but it does make for a poor viewing experience for the fans.

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