Understanding Blocked Field Goal Returns

Blocked field goal returns occur in football when a player on the defending team is able to contact the ball before it is kicked through the uprights.

When a blocked field goal occurs it is important to determine whether the ball travels past the line of scrimmage.

If the ball does not make it past the line of scrimmage then both teams are able to recover the ball and advance it.

If the ball does get past the line of scrimmage only the defense can recover the ball.

In order for the offense to maintain possession of the ball, they need to collect the blocked field goal before the line of scrimmage.

They then must advance the ball past the first down marker. Otherwise, this blocked field goal play will be considered a failed fourth-down conversion.

On the other hand, if the ball travels past the line of scrimmage only the defensive team can recover the ball and progress it.

How Many Points For a Block Field Goal Return

field goal block attempt

In all levels of football, a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown is worth six points. Additionally, after scoring the touchdown the team will attempt a one or two-point conversion.

This means a field goal block return is going to be worth seven points the vast majority of the time. But if a team decides to go for a two-point conversion it can be worth up to eight points.

In other words, a field goal block returned for a touchdown is worth as many points as any other touchdown.

How Many Points For A Block Extra Point Return

On top of field goals, players are also able to return extra points. On extra points, the opposing team’s kicker will attempt to score a kick from a short distance.

If the defending team blocks the kick all the same rules apply. If the team is able to return this kick to the other team’s endzone they will receive two points.

The reason they receive two points is that this is the max number of points you can score after a touchdown.

Since the opposing team could only score a maximum of two points on conversion the standard is the same for the defensive team.

It is only during conversions that a player may carry the ball into the endzone and only be awarded two points.

What To Do On A Blocked Field Goal

Now that you know the rules regarding blocked field goal returns it’s time to break down what the players should be doing on these plays.


If a player is on the offense this means that their teams kick has just been blocked. The first thing this player should do is track down the ball.

If the ball has not reached the line of scrimmage then the players should attempt to gain possession of the ball.

As we covered earlier if he is able to advance the ball to the first down marker his team will maintain possession.

If the player cannot get the ball he must now set his mind on tackling the returner. The player should make sure to not over pursue when chasing a blocked field goal return.

Oftentimes these returns are successful because the defensive player will change directions drastically after picking up the ball.

This cutback can often leave a large portion of open field for the return man.

This player should try to keep his angles on the returner and do everything in his power to not allow him to reach the end zone.


If you are on the defence during a blocked field goal return the first thing you want to do is track down the ball. The location of the ball is not important for a defender as he is able to pick up a blocked field goal from any point on the field.

If the player is able to get the ball he must start making his way to the opposing teams endzone.

If the player does not get the ball he must then attempt to block as many opposing players as possible. On a blocked field goal return, there are eleven would be tacklers looking to bring down the returner.

This means the return man is going to need some help to find space. This is why all players on the defense should look to find an offensive player and block him from tackling the returner.

Though it is important to make sure the block is done legally. Many crack back blocks and holdings have resulted in block field goal return touchdowns being called back.

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