What Does 10 Personnel Mean In Football

10 personnel in football refers to an offensive grouping that includes one running back zero tight ends and four receivers. This is one of the most pass-heavy personnel groupings in football.

Understanding personnel terms such as 10 personnel or 22 personnel grouping is actually quite straightforward. The number that proceeds the word personnel grouping refers to how many tight ends and running backs are going to be on the field.

The first digit signifies the number of half backs that are going to be on the field and the second digit is the number of tight ends that will be on the field.

This means the 10 personnel means one running back and zero tight ends in the formation. If it were 22 that would mean two tight ends and two backs while 12-personnel would include one half back and two tight ends.

Additionally using these personnel numbers you can also determine how many players are going to be on the offense at wide receiver.

The five offensive line positions as well as the quarterback are already locked in. This leaves only five remaining spots left on the offense.

In the vast majority of formations, these five remaining spots will be given to the halfbacks, tight ends, and wide receivers.

Since wide receivers are the only position not included in the numbering of personnel groupings they will make up whatever positions the tight end and half backs do not take.

For example let’s say a team is using a 22 formation which means two tight ends, and two half backs. Since there are five open spots and four went to the tight ends and backs this leaves room for one receiver.

Therefore 22 personnel includes only one receiver.

Now if it were 11 personnel that would mean only one half back and one tight end. This means there are three remaining positions on the offense. This means there is three receivers in 11 personnel along with one half back and one tight end.

Benefits Of 10 Personnel

Now that you understand what ten personnel means in football it’s time to understand what this offensive group can do for your football team. Below we will break down some major benefits of using this personnel group.

Tons Of Passing Options

One of the best aspects of running 10 personnel in football is that this group is going to offer the quarterback a ton of passing options.

with four receivers as well as a running back this grouping can have as many as five capable receivers running routes against the defense.

This can make it incredibly tough on the opponent’s defensive backs looking to stop the pass.

This grouping has become more popular in recent years due to the NFL increasing usage of passing. Using the four receivers allow the modern-day NFL offense do what they do best and that is throwing the ball downfield.

Great For Two Minute Drill

This personnel grouping also has the benefit of working well in the two-minute drill. The two-minute drill in football refers to a drive that takes place within the final two minutes of a half.

Since there are two or fewer minutes remaining these players must work their way down the field quickly. One way to keep the clock stopped is by having the ball-carrier run out of bounds.

Ten personnel works great for this as the four wide receivers will be able to run routes near the sideline.

When catching the ball in the field of play defenders will attempt to tackle you in bounds to keep the clock rolling. By running routes near the sidelines, these receivers can catch the ball then quickly step out of bounds.

Additionally when an incomplete pass is thrown this will also stop the clock. This makes a pass-heavy offense with four receivers a great option for the two minute drill offense.

Forces The Defense To Spread Out

Another benefit of running ten personnel is that it is going to force the defenders to cover the whole width of the field.

With only one or two receivers in the formation, a defense is often able to stack the box making it difficult to gain any yards on the ground.

With a four-receiver set the defense will have fewer players in the box and near the line of scrimmage.

Additionally, a defense playing against ten personnel is likely to be smaller. The reasoning behind this is that this personnel group by the offense will require more defensive backs.

This can make it easier for the offense to run the football as the defenders are further spread out and smaller in stature.

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