What Does For The Brand Mean

If you are a fan of the NFL or Pat Mcafee you have likely hear the term “for the brand”. If you do not follow Mcafee or his playing career closely you may have no clue what this term means. Luckily this article is on hand to break down everything you need to know about this term.

Mcafee played his career as a punter. In fact he was named PFF’s punter of the decade due to his quality of play over his career.

Now that he is retired Mcafee often comments on and watches NFL games the Pat Mcafee show. Part of his bit is to cheer on punters and shed a light on some of the great plays punters make.

When Mcafee says “for the brand” he is referring to the brand of punters. He himself is a punter so he finds himself cheering for modern-day punters to have great plays for the punting brand.

Punters are one of the most overlooked positions in football which is why Mcafee is so adamant about getting them recognition.

In fact, the first punter ever inducted into the hall of fame only occurred in 2014.

Still Not Getting It?

If you still aren’t understanding what Mcafee means by “brand” here is an example. I’m Canadian so I often find myself cheering for Canadian football players that have made it to the NFL.

This could be considered a “brand”. When Canadian Chase Claypool scores a big touchdown that is an event that is great for the “brand” of Canadian football players.

So when Mcafee says for the brand he simply means “for the punters”. Essentially he means this guy is putting on a highlight that is going to make all of us look good.

Another helpful way to think of the term brand is like a company. Coca Cola for example would be brand. If you were to see a Coca Cola in the hands of a celebrity or athlete this would be good for the brand.

This is because it is something people will see that will help view your brand in a better light. In other words good for the brand essentially means positive PR for the group or idea that you support.

Though at the end of the day Mcafee uses this phrase as a joke. He of course wants punters to be noticed but the whole idea that each punt is being done for the brand of punters is a little tongue in cheek.

We hope this guide has explained this turn of phrase to you as clearly as possible. If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments below.

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