What Is A Free Play In Football

A free play occurs in football when the defensive team commits a penalty at the snap. This allows the offense to play aggressively with zero risk as they are able to accept the penalty if their play does not go as planned.

Free plays almost always occur because a defensive lineman jumps offside. Due to the value of a having a free play quarterbacks have worked to practice getting the defense to jump offside for this purpose.

How To Generate Free Plays

The best way to generate free plays is by utilizing a hard snap count. A hard count in football occurs when the quarterback intentional changes the rhythm, volume, or cadence of his audible snap in order to get the defense to jump offside.

They are essential tricking the defense into believing they know when the ball is going to be snapped. The defense will jump on the count they believe is supposed to start the play. At this point the quarterback should look to snap right after the player has jumped offside.

This will allow him the best chance of achieving a free play.

Why/When Are Free Plays Blown Dead

When watching football you will notice that some times when a player jumps offside they will blow the whistle. This does not allow the offense gets to utilize their free play.

This is put in place as a safety measure in order to keep the offensive players from taking big hits. After all, if a player jumps offside he is going to have a much better shot at the quarterback.

This situation we are referring to is called a neutral zone infraction. The official rule book on a neutral zone infraction is as follows;

a) a defender moves beyond the neutral zone prior to the snap and is parallel to or beyond an offensive lineman, with an unabated path to the quarterback or kicker, even though no contact is made by a blocker; officials are to blow their whistles immediately”

So essentially if you want a defender to jump offside for a free play you are going to have to block him. If you do not manage to get an offensive lineman between him and your quarterback it is quite likely the play will be blown dead.

Benefits Of A Free Play

The benefit of a free play is that you have a zero-risk play in which you can attempt a long pass. Oftentimes football teams have quality deep ball receivers. These plays can come down with over 50% of deep passes thrown their way. The only issue is that these deep passes are often intercepted.

The free play allows you a quality chance to gain a large chunk of yards. All while the risk of interception is not a factor.

On top of this your play will result in a minimum of five yards and a re-do of the down.

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