What Is A Good Locker Room Guy In Football?

If you watch NFL games on Sundays you have likely heard an announcer refer to a player as a good locker room guy. Unfortunately many football fans out there are not familiar with this term.

A locker room guy refers to a player that provides a positive attitude towards the team and boosts the overall morale. Teams with good morale often play better making good locker room guys valuable assets.

Team Morale

On any sports team morale amongst the players is a huge factor in a team’s quality. When players have a me-first attitude over the team it can greatly affect their performance.

Having improved morale is going to affect the team in many ways. One improved aspect of a good locker room is the way they practice.

When players are bought into the idea of the team they are much more likely to work hard for the team. This can make practices and workouts more beneficial for the players.

Increased team morale is also going to play into communication and chemistry on the field. When players are a tight-knit group they are more likely to play better together.

Communication is key for football namely between a quarterback and his receivers.

Having these positive locker room guys is what is going to allow teams to have good morale. These locker room guys are often leaders in the locker room keeping their teammates motivated.

When times get tough good locker room guys will be keeping their chins up. Similar to high motor players these guys will not give up in games when they are down by a large margin.

Having enough players like this can keep the entire team focused in situations in which teams may struggle to stay optimistic.

This is an incredibly important factor in the game of football as the confidence of the team can largely dictate their ability to play.

A good locker room guy can also refer to specific actions a player may do in the locker room. For example, a player might be the one who controls the music after a big win or choreograph handshakes and celebrations for the team.

In some cases, good locker room guys lead the locker room in off-field matters giving speeches and handing out game balls.

This is a more literal definition of the term which means a guy who is good while the players are in the locker room. While the traditional good locker room guy usually refers to an all-around good teammate.

What Is A Locker Room Cancer?

A locker room cancer in football refers to a player whose antics actively lower the morale of his team. Bad locker room guys often have a me-first mentality and generally have conflicts with teammates, coaches or management.

A large part of being a locker room cancer involves the coverage of the press.

It is one thing if a payer raises a stink internally but it is another if the media gets involved. Once a locker room cancer has his story in the press the problem becomes much worse.

A lot of players will be asked to answer questions regarding the conflicts of the player. Coaches and management will have to deal with questions from the press as well.

This sort of distraction during the season can have large effects on a team. When the focus of the organization becomes a conflict with a player it usually spells bad things for the organization.

This is why teams will try to avoid locker room cancers at all costs. Though these players may come at a discount the effect they may have on the rest of the team can be devastating.

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