What Is A Healthy Scratch In Football

A healthy scratch in football is a term that is used to designate players on the 53 man roster that will not play in the game for reasons aside from injury.

Each NFL team has a roster size of 53 players. On game day only 46 players are going to be active in the game. This means there are going to be upwards of seven players that will earn the healthy scratch designation on any given game.

What Does The Player Do?

When a player learns they are a healthy scratch this does not mean they will not be attending the game. In most cases the healthy scratched player is going to be on the sidelines.

At the end of the day these players are still a part of the team. Even if they are not going to play in the game these players are still going to be dressed in plain clothes on the sideline.

This way the players are able to still be involved with their team despite not getting on the field. You may also notice scratched players staying around players at the position and helping teammates via advice and coaching.

And on some occasions, if a player is scratched for disciplinary reasons you may find the player will not spend the game watching with the team.

Are Players Paid When Scratched?

Yes, when a player is healthy scratched for a game he will still receive full pay as if he played in that game. This means that all players on the 53 man roster get their game checks.

That being said this doesn’t mean healthy scratches can’t affect a players pay. The biggest way in which a scratched player may lose money is via performance bonuses.

Performance bonuses are monetary payouts worked into a players contract which reward them for achieving certain goals. Examples of a performance bonus would be playing 50% of snaps or reaching 1,000 receiving yards.

By being scratched players will be less likely to reach these milestones. This is just one reason why a player would be upset about getting scratched in the NFL.

Main Reasons Players Are Scratched

Now that you know what healthy scratching is in the NFL it’s time you find out why players earn this designation.

Depth At The Position

One of the main reasons why players may be healthy scratched is due to the depth at their specific position. This essentially means there are too many players in front of the scratched player on the depth chart.

Even if you are on the 53 man roster your team will not need to bring third stringers at every position. This often leads player like quarterbacks to be healthy scratched if they are third on the depth chart.

The reason these players aren’t playing is becuase the odds they will see game action is dressed are quite unlikely. Therefore they do not need to be un the lineup for that game.

Disciplnary Action

Another common reason players are not dressed on game due is due to discinplanary action. Sometimes when a player is not acting in a way which the coaching staff wants healthy scratches can be used as a disciplinary technique.

This action sends a message to the player and also causes them to miss a game in the process. Most football players are extremely competitive which makes missing a game quite the punishment.

Using a healthy scratch as a disciplinary action usually only occurs in extreme situations.

Matchup Specifics

The final reason why a player may be healthy scratched is due to matchup specifics. If you are a depth player at your postion you may find that the matchup will have you out of the game.

Say a team often passes the ball in four receiver sets. This may be countered by running a nickel defense and using more defensive backs. This may mean that the team will bring an extra cornerback into the starting the lineup.

This added player will mean someone has to get subtracted. This would likely come at the linebacker or defensive tackle position as these players are less involved in pass defense.

These fluctuations in positional usage can often cause fringe players to be scratched for a game in which their position may not be utilized.

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