What Is A Rip Move In Football

A rip move in football is a pass-rushing technique that is used to get yourself past the offensive lineman protecting the quarterback. The rip move relies on you targeting the outside arm of the defender you wish to get by.

A rip move will allow you to punch up violently under the armpit of the offensive lineman making it nearly impossible for him to get between you and the quarterback.

How To Do A Rip Move

The first step of doing a rip maneuver is starting low. When you take your first step you are going to want to do it with speed and a low center of gravity. Moving quickly against the offensive lineman will allow you a better opportunity to use the rip. While the low center of gravity will ensure you have the leverage to rip the lineman.

After your first step, you want to take a quick second step as you attempt to go around the lineman. At this point, you will duck your inside shoulder and prepare for the rip. Ducking the inside shoulder will make it difficult on the offensive lineman to get a hold of your shoulders or chest plate.

Once you have taken the second step and are parallel to the offensive lineman you want to violently punch upwards through his armpit.

If executed successfully you should found that the tackle’s hands are now out of position. He should be closer to being beside you than in front of you. Once his hand is out of position you should be able to beat him around the outside as he should no longer be in your path to the quarterback.

Pros And Cons


Wins The Matchup Quickly

One great aspect of a rip move is that it can win your matchup against the offensive lineman quite quickly. You know those plays where the defensive end blows right by the tackle and the quarterback is sacked before the play even started. Those are the kind of sacks that are possible when an effective rip move is used.

Can Be Used By Interior Lineman As Well

Though rip moves are most commonly used by edge rushers on tackles. They can actually be used on the interior as well. Defensive tackles can use these moves against interior o-lineman. Though it may be more difficult for them to keep their center of gravity low.

Works For Players Of Many Skill Types

Another benefit of the rip move is that is does not rely on a hyper-specific skill set. A spin move is typically used by edge rushers that have perfected it. And speed rushes are usually only effective when the defensive lineman has great acceleration.

That is not the case with a rip move. As it is one of the most common pass rush moves around the league. This is because this move can be used effectively by many different styles of players.


Lack Of Holding Calls

Arguably the biggest issue with the rip move in football is the lack of holding calls. If you watch players like TJ Watt, or Cameron Wake you often see what looks like a blatant hold against them. The issue is when using a rip maneuver you forfeit some of your rights to get a holding call.

A rip move is going to put your body under the outside shoulder of the tackle. This looks exactly like a hold and if called wouldn’t be very fair to the offensive tackle.

For this reason, the only way to get a holding call when using the rip maneuver occurs when “the defender has his feet taken away from him”. This results in less holding calls against the offensive line when the rip technique is used.

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