What Is A Scorigami In Football?

A scorigami is a final score of a football game that has never occurred in the history of the sport. This term is primarily used for the NFL but has begun to pop up in other sports as well. The term was originally coined by Jon Bois at SBnation.

Now you may be thinking virtually every score that can happen has happened correct? Well, this may be the case when it comes to sports like soccer or hockey where each goal is worth one point, but football is a different beast.

With one and two-point conversions, field goals, and the fairly rare safeties NFL a scorigami can be created by many different numbers. Not to mention the rule changes that are making certain scores possible for the first time.

Rule Changes That Affect Scorigami

One Point Safety

The one-point safety is one rule that could potentially have an effect on scorigami. Though a one-point safety has never occurred in the NFL can potentially lead to a scorigami. The score 6-1 is the lowest scorigami that can still possibly happen.

In order for this to happen the offensive team would have to somehow allow a safety after scoring a touchdown. This would mean they would have to score, attempt a two point conversion and on that conversion bring the ball all the way back into their endzone and get tackled.

This of course is incredibly rare and unless the rule changes again will likely never happen

4th Down Conversions Replace Onside Kicks

One potential rule change that may allow for some scorigamis is the replacement of onside kicks. In recent years due to rules changes on side kicks have become more and more difficult to complete.

This has made it much more difficult for teams to stage late-game comebacks. For this reason, NFL teams have begun to discuss an additional rule that replaces onside kicks with 4th and 15 conversions.

This means that if a team scores late in the game and wants to maintain possession they will then attempt a fourth down conversion from the place in which they would traditionally kickoff.

In theory, this could lead teams with great offenses to score even more points. This of course is all speculation but a team like the Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes may be able to reach some socrigamis if a rule like this is put into place.

How Many Scorigami in 2020 NFL Season

There were a total of twelve scorigami in the 2020 NFL season this means that twelve different games ended in a score that has never occurred before.

NFL Week 1

Packers 43 – Vikings 34

NFL Week 3

49ers 36 – Giants 9

NFL Week 4

Saint 35 – Lions 29

NFL Week 5

Titans 42 – Bills 16

NFL Week 7

Chargers 39 – Jaguars 29

NFL Week 10

Buccaneers 46 – Panthers 23

NFL Week 14

Ravens 47 – Browns 42

NFL Week 15

Titans 46 – Lions 25

NFL Week 16

Saints 52 – Vikings 33

Dolphins 26 – Raiders 25

NFL Week 17

Bills 56 – Dolphins 26

NFL Playoffs

Browns 48 – Steelers 37

If you want to check out all the possible scorigami that have not yet happened you can head over to nflscorigami.com

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