What Is A Skill Position In Football?

Skill positions in football are the positions that value talent and expertise more so than strength and size. Skill positions play on the offensive side of the ball and are the primary scorers and offensive weapons on the team.

The term skill position is reserved for groups of players that get the ball in their hands. Though not every player that gets the ball on offense is considered a skill position.

For example, a fullback may get the ball via handoffs as well as on passes from the quarterback. But due to the fullbacks focus on strength and size over a focus on ball carrying skills they are not considered a skill position.

What Positions Are Skill Positions In Football?

Now that you understand what a skill position is in football it’s time to break down the main skill position in this game.


Quarterback is an obvious selection for one of the positions that is considered a skill position. Of any position on the field quarterback relies on brute strength the least.

These players are all finesse mainly due to the fact their main purpose is to throw the ball.

The touch and accuracy required to be a quarterback make it one of the most difficult positions to play. Additionally, the size and frame of the quarterback position does not play a huge role in this position.

Players of many heights and weights have succeeded in this position which goes to show its the skill in this position that makes it count.

Running Backs

Another skill position in football is the running back. These players are handed the ball by quarterbacks on most plays and make their way downfield with the ball in their hands.

Running backs are generally the most elusive players on the football field. Even when squared up with these players one on one they are incredibly hard to tackle.

This agility and dexterity is one of the reasons that running backs are considered skill positions.

Running backs are also tasked with the job of catching passes out of the backfield. This paired with their abilities to rush the ball makes the running back a key skill position.

Wide Receivers

Wide receiver is another position that is considered a skill position. This position has the natural requirement of speed but aside from that they are primarily valued for their ability to get open and catches passes.

There is no standard for size and frame when it comes to wide receivers. This is because as long as you can get open and catch passes nothing else matters.

Wide receivers need the ability to run effective routes on top of the ability to secure difficult catches. It all comes down to execution at this position becuase size and strength is not going to get you very far.

Tight End

Tight end is a position that toes the line between being a skill position. In today’s game this position has evolved what used to be a primarily blocking position.

Nowadays teams will often have a tight end that specializes in catching the football. These sorts of tight ends are widely considered to be skill positions. This is because they are rarely used for blocking purposes and instead are closer to wide receivers in terms of duties.

That being said teams will often carry several tight ends a few of them being used for mainly blocking purposes.

These sorts of tight ends cannot be considered skill positions as their duties are closer aligned to being a offensive lineman than a wide receiver.

That is all on skill positions in football learn about all defensive positions or all offensive positions in football to get a full understanding of the game.

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