What Is A Pick Six – Football Terminology

Have you ever seen the defensive team score a touchdown as the announcer yells “pick six”? Most football fans have, the issue is that not everyone who watches football knows what the term pick six means. Luckily this article is on hand to break it down for you.

A pick six occurs when the defensive team intercepts a pass and runs it all the way into the other teams end zone. In other words, a pick-six is when a team intercepts the ball and scores a touchdown.

What Is The Difference Between And An Interception And A Pick Six?

The difference between these two plays is that a pick-six only occurs if a touchdown is scored on the interception return. A pick-six needs an interception for it to occur but it must include a touchdown return.

Why Is An Interception Called A Pick?

An interception is referred to a pick because the opposing team is “picking” off a forward pass. When you hear the term “pick” in football in this context it is referring to taking something as you would “pick” fruit from a tree.

The term pick is not an official term and tends to be used as a slang word for interception

Why Is It Called A Pick Six?

The reason it is called pick six is for two reasons. First of the “pick” portion of the word refers to the use of this term in football which mean interception.

The second half of the word comes from the six points scored on the play. You may be thinking a touchdown is seven points but this is term is only referring to the points prior to the extra point.

On this single play the ball is picked off and six points are added to your teams score.

Who Has Returned The Most Pick Sixes?

Rod Woodson has returned the most interceptions for touchdowns with a total of 12 throughout his entire career. There are two players tied in second with 11 pick-sixes. Those players are Darren Sharper and Charles Woodson.

Who Has Thrown The Most Pick Sixes?

The quarterback that has thrown the most pick-sixes in a career is Brett Favre with 41. Though the single-season record goes to Jameis Winston who threw 7 during his 30+ touchdown 30 interception season.

What Is A Pick Two?

A pick two is a much less common play that also involves an interception return. When attempting a two-point conversion the opposing team can still intercept the ball.

Since it wouldn’t be fair to allow the defensive team to score a touchdown on a two-point conversion they are awarded two points of their own if they make it to the opposing team’s endzone prior to being tackled.

For this reason, the term pick two was created. This represents an interception returned for a two-point conversion.

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