What Is Senior Night In Football?

Senior night in football refers to the final home game of the season, this night takes place in both high school and collegiate sports. Senior night is used as a way to celebrate the senior players who are playing their final home game for their team.

This night in football is usually full of celebrations that allow the senior players on the team a chance to reflect on the years they have spent playing football.

Senior night is always hosted on the last home game of the season.

Hosting the game for senior night is important because it makes it easier for the family of the players to attend the game and enjoy the night as well.

It also allows the players to appreciate the last time they play on their home field. Oftentimes senior players will get extra playing time during these games.

If a senior player has yet to get on the field throughout his high school sports career the coach may give them their first playing time. These sorts of moments embody what senior night is all about.

Oftentimes senior night celebrations will include redshirt seniors, these are players that spent an extra year on academics but are completing their final year of athletics.

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What Events Happen On Senior Night?

Now that you understand what senior night is you may be wondering what sort of events go on in addition to the football game. Below we will break down some of the common activities that you may participate in on your senior day.

Pre Game Photos

One activity that is done on most senior nights is pregame photos. On most senior nights there is an area set up for players to take photos before the game.

Oftentimes, players will take pictures with their jerseys on with family members or friends. This is a great way for senior football players to remember the night.

This will usually be done a while before the game so that the players still have time to get ready afterwards.

Player Introductions

Another part of senior night in football is player introductions. Senior players are often introduced over the speaker one by one as they step onto the field.

The number of players announced may vary depending on how long your school wants to spend on introductions.

The players will often run through a tunnel or banner as they are being introduced for the game.

The introductions will usually include the player’s name, the number of years they spent on the team as well as their plans after high school.

Introductions may occur before the game as a part of a ceremony or to start the game as a welcoming of each senior player.


Senior night can often be used as a time to give out awards players have earned throughout their high school careers. This can be done before or after the game.

This works as a great time to give out awards because the players and their families will be in attendance.

Post-Game Party

The school will usually host a post-game party after the team’s final home game. These parties will only last for an hour or so but will include the players and their families.

These parties will have some food and refreshments but usually don’t include a full meal.

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