What Is The Front Seven In Football?

Have you been hearing the term front seven in football and wondering what it means? If so you’re not alone. Tons of football fans regularly hear this term used by announcers and football personalities yet many do not know what it really means.

The term front seven in football is referring to the linebackers and defensive line of a defense. These players make up seven of the eleven players on the defense.

They are referred to as the front seven because these seven players play closer to the line of scrimmage than the secondary.

The secondary is typically made up of four defensive backs, two of which are safeties two of which are cornerbacks.

Who Is In The Front Seven?

The front seven in football usually comes in two main formations a 4-3 and 3-4. These two formations have different personnel that make up the front seven.


In a four-three defense there are going to be four defensive linemen and three linebackers. The numbers in the name of the formation correspond to how many players will be playing at each level.

Amongst the four defensive linemen, there will be two defensive ends and two defensive tackles. In the linebacker group there will be three total linebackers.

These linebackers include a weakside linebacker, a strong-side linebacker and a middle linebacker.


In a three-four formation, the front seven is going to consist of three defensive linemen and four linebackers.

The defensive line is going to be made up of one defensive tackle and two defensive ends.

The linebackers will include a left outside linebacker a right outside linebacker and two middle linebackers.

Regardless of which formation you choose all of the players are included in the front seven.

What Is The Front Seven Responsible For?

Now that you know what this term means is you may be wondering what their responsibilities are.

Since the front seven makes up the majority of the defense they are going to have a hand in almost every aspect of the game.

Though the biggest factor in this position group is their ability to stop the run. Defensive line and linebackers are included in this group and these are the players most often tasked with bringing down the running back.

If you are looking to stop a running attack from an opponent you need a quality front seven.

This position group is also responsible for rushing the quarterback. Even if you have an elite secondary giving the quarterback too much time can be devastating for your defense.

These players are expected to pressure the quarterback throughout the game making it difficult for him to throw.

In short, the front seven is mainly tasked with stopping the run and rushing the quarterback though they play a part in all aspects of the defense.

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