What Is Winning The Edge In Football?

Football has tons of terminology often leaving fans confused as to what it all means. This article is going to break down what the phrase winning the edge means in football.

Winning the edge in football refers to winning the battle between the offensive tackle and the edge rusher.

The edge in football usually refers to the end of the offensive line. When you are winning the edge it means that the battle to control the end of the line is being won by your team.

If a defensive player is winning the edge that means they are consistently beating the tackle. This means the edge defender is beating his blocks on run plays and providing pressure on passing plays.

Defensive players winning the edge is going to cause a lot of problems for the offense.

If an offensive player is winning the edge this means the tackle is consistently neutralizing the opposing pass rusher.

On running plays the tackle is blocking the defender allowing the ball carrier to cut inside or outside his block depending on the play.

On passing plays a tackle winning the edge is going to be providing a clean pocket for his quarterback.

An offensive tackle winning the edge usually means productive running outside the tackle and plenty of time for the quarterback to throw the football.

Strategies To Win The Edge In Football

Now that you understand what the phrase winning the edge means in football it’s time to break down some strategies teams can use to give themselves a better chance to do it.

Chip Blocks

One way a team can help themselves win the edge offensively is by utilizing chip blocks. Chip blocks are quick blocks from the tight end or running back that help out the offensive tackle.

The chip block will allow the defensive player to be double teamed for a short period of time. This makes the offensive tackle’s job much easier as he is able to get some assistance in neutralizing the pass rusher.

Chip blocks are not something you are going to do every play but they can be a helpful tool to use to help negate pressure on the quarterback.

Confuse The Tackle With Different Looks

On the defensive end of the ball using different looks can give your team a much better chance at winning the edge.

If the edge rusher attempts the same move each play it can become easier for the tackle to prepare. In order to catch the tackle off guard, teams can send pressure from different areas and players in order to confuse the tackle.

If the offensive line does not know which players are rushing the quarterback it makes it much harder to properly protect them.

This is why using exotic fronts against an offense can give your team a better chance to win the edge.

Invest Appropriately

This may sound obvious but arguably the best way to give your team the ability to win the edge in football is to invest appropriately in the defensive end and offensive tackle positions.

There is a reason tackles and edge rushers are some of the highest-paid positions in football. On most teams, only the quarterback is going to make more money than a tackle and edge rusher.

By investing in tackles and edge rushers you can ensure that your team is committed to winning the edge. Whether this means drafting these players or training up players on your roster focusing on these two positions to win the edge is crucial.

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