Can You Bounce Pass In Football?

If you think you have seen everything in football think again. Because a new trick play that has draw attention in the football world is the bounce pass. And yes, it is entirely legal.

Your first thought when hearing about a football bounce pass is likely that the pass would be incomplete. In most cases, you would be right but with a bounce pass trick play, the bounce pass is a lateral.

How Does A Bounce Pass Trick Play Work?

To start the bounce pass play the quarterback will quickly snap the ball and turn towards his outside receiver. Usually on these trick plays the offense will have a bunch formation setup on the outside.

This means there will be several receivers in that area. Some of the receivers on the play will run deep routes while others will stay at the line of scrimmage.

The Diversion

The trickery of this play is that it is going to look like an incomplete wide receiver screen. On a wide receiver screen, a quick pass will be thrown to a receiver at the line of scrimmage.

This receiver will have several blockers in front of him and will trick to pick up yards after the catch.

The difference with this play is that the intended receiver will be slightly behind the quarterback instead of slightly in front of him. This makes the quarterbacks throw a lateral instead of a forward pass.

The Bounce Pass

It is at this point that the quarterback will execute the bounce pass. He will throw the ball overhand towards his wide receiver as if it is a normal screenplay. Though instead of throwing to his hands the quarterback will intentionally bounce the ball off the turf.

If done correctly the ball should bounce into the wide receiver’s hands.

Playing It Cool

This portion of the play is where your wide receiver needs to come in clutch. Once the receiver catches the ball he must act as though it was an incomplete pass.

To do this he should simply catch the ball and not make any sudden movements. This should trick the opposing team into believing the play is over.

During this time the blockers set up in front of the receiver should look to prevent any defenders from reaching the wide receiver.

At this point, the offense has completed a lateral pass while the defense believes they have just thrown an incomplete forward pass.

Airing It Out

Now it is time to finally put this ball in the endzone. While your wide receiver plays it cool with the ball in their hands your other receiver(s) should be making their way downfield.

If the bonce pass was convincing enough the defense should be acting as if the play is done and should abandon their coverage assignments.

This will allow the receivers to get open downfield. Once the receivers have separation the wide receiver who caught the bounce pass will throw the ball deep.

Since the quarterback’s first pass was a lateral the offense is still able to throw a forward pass.

The defense at this point will be caught napping and if the throw is on target the offense should find themselves in the endzone.

Bounce Pass Trick Play Video

If you want to check out a bounce pass football trick play in action check out the video below.

That is all on bounce passes to learn about other trick plays see the statue of liberty rush or the hook and ladder passing play.

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