What Is Game Script In Football

Game script in football refers to the flow of the football game and what plays are being used based on this flow.

In any given game a team can be expected to throw or pass the ball a certain number of times. But depending on the score of that game these numbers can be much different.

Game script is usually used when referring to fantasy football. Depending on whether the player is playing in a negtive or positive game script can greatly affect his output in the game.

Positive games script is a game in which you are winning by a large margin and negative games script is a game you are losing by a wide margin.

In some contexts, game script is used as term to describe scripted plays. This is not the most common use of the term game script and is not how it is typically used regarding football.

What Is Positive Game Script

A positive game script refers to how the game will play out when a team has a large lead. Say a team starts a game quickly and finds themselves up 21-0 this would be an example of a positive game script.

How Does Positive Game Script Affect The Game?

The largest effect positive game script is going to have is on the offense. When up by this large of a margin it is safe to say the playcalling is going to change considerably.

You will often see teams with positive game script run the ball more often, this is because running the ball will keep the clock moving.

It also gives the offense a low-risk play that will not allow the other team to get back into the game.

This is why positive game script has an effect on great fantasy running backs. If your running back is often playing with a positive game script it is going to benefit your fantasy team.

Additionally, a positive game script on some occasions may hurt your quarterback. Since the offense doesn’t need to score points the quarterback may find themselves less involved in the game.

In some situations, a large lead can result in the starters getting benched early. This is not usually the case but rather an example that a positive game script does not always mean positive things for your fantasy team.

In short, a positive game script is referring to the types of plays that will be called when a team has a decisive lead over an opponent.

What Is Negative Game Script

A negative game script as you likely have guessed is the exact opposite of a positive game script. This term is used to describe how teams will operate when they are down by a large number of points.

Though it doesn’t sound like it, a negative game script is typically the game script that is going to offer more benefits to your fantasy team.

In almost all occasions a negative game script is going to benefit your receivers, tight ends, and quarterback.

The reasoning behind this is that when playing with a negative game script your team needs to score a lot of points. This means the offense is going to add a little more risk into their plays in order to score quickly.

This ultimately increases the passing rate of a team as well as their usual depth of target.

On top of all the changes that are made by the offense the defense also reacts to the scoreboard. When a team is winning by a large margin a defense may elect to use a prevent defense as part of their game script.

This style of defense and game script allows teams to pick up smaller amounts of yardage but prevents the big plays. This often allows receivers and quarterbacks to pick up easy fantasy points through yards.

A prevent defense is typically used when the game is already out of hand.

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