Can You Wear Metal Cleats In Football?

If you are new to playing the game of football you may be wondering if you are able to wear metal cleats when you play. The answer to this question is no, the majority of football leagues do not allow their players to wear metal cleats.

The main reason that metal cleats are not used in football is because of increased injury risks as well as the fact that they do not add many benefits.

In most cases, players looking to wear metal cleats in football are planning on reusing their baseball cleats. Unfortunately, this isn’t a very good idea as the purposes of baseball cleats versus football cleats are very different.

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Why not to wear metal baseball cleats in football

Wearing metal cleats when playing football is something that should be avoided if possible. Below we will break down several of the main reasons that these cleats are not used in football.

Health And Safety

The major reason that metal cleats are not used in football is due to health and safety. As you know football is a very violent sport with each play involving many players on both teams colliding and often going to the ground.

The physical nature of football allows for a much higher likelihood that one player could contact another with his metal cleats.

It is not uncommon for players to accidentally step on one another especially when playing near the line of scrimmage.

This is not the case in baseball which is why players can wear metal cleats without worry.

By using metal cleats in football a player will not be putting himself in danger but rather the players around him. An accidental cleating of your own teammate can easily result in stitches and that is not something any player should have to deal with.

In order to reduce the number of injuries in football, it is best to keep metal cleats out of the game.

An example of the sort of equipment that is allowed in football would be those that do not present danger to other players. This is why some extra pieces of equipment like fanny packs or sports goggles are allowed to be worn.

They Are Not Neccessary

In baseball when metal cleats are used players are running on hard dirt paths and often sliding into bases. This use on a hard surface often wears the cleats down fairly quickly.

By using metal cleats baseball players are able to increase the longevity of their cleats. This means they will last longer and retain their ability to give the player traction when running.

When it comes to football players are only going to use their cleats on grass and turf. This is not going to wear these cleats down much at all and if treated correctly it is usually the body of the shoes that wears out before the cleats themselves.

This means that the purpose of metal cleats does not really apply to their use in football. By using metal cleats you are not getting any real benefit when it comes to performance or longevity.

Alternative Options

Oftentimes those wondering if they can wear metal cleats in football are doing so because they do not own a pair of football cleats. Instead, they are hoping they can use their baseball cleats for this sport as well.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, but there is another option when it comes to football cleats. Soccer cleats are a much better option when looking for substitute cleats for American football.

These cleats are going to offer a much more similar design to football shoes than a metal baseball cleat would.

If you own a pair of soccer cleats at home you will likely be able to use those for football. Additionally, if you have to buy a pair of cleats you may find that soccer cleats are cheaper giving you some more wiggle room if you are on a budget.

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