Can You Use Batting Gloves For Football?

If you are new to playing football you may be wondering if you are able to reuse some of your other sports equipment. One of the most common questions asked is if you are able to use batting gloves for football.

In our opinion, we recommend that you do not use batting gloves for football. Though batting gloves may be more beneficial than no gloves at all they certainly do not do the job of football receiver gloves.

The main reasons that batting gloves should not be used in football is because of their lack of stickiness, their bulkier build, and the lack of confidence they may give a football player when catching the ball.

Why Batting Gloves Shouldn’t Be Used In Football

Using batting gloves in football isn’t going to cause any serious problems but it will certainly affect a players ability to perform. Below we are going to break down the major reasons why using batting gloves in football isn’t the best idea.

Lack Of Stickiness

One of the major reasons that baseball batting gloves aren’t going to cut it in football is due to the stickiness.

Batting gloves are going to have tackiness to them but nowhere near the level of football gloves.

This is an incredibly important factor because the tackiness of football gloves is what makes this piece of equipment so important. 

Any wide receiver will tell you that gloves are often the difference between catching and dropping a pass.

To further prove this point check out what baseball players had to say about using football gloves to play baseball.

In most cases, football gloves are so much stickier that baseball players have trouble removing their hands from the bat.

Thicker build

Another reason the batting gloves are going to hamper a football players performance is due to their bulkier build.

One of the key features of batting gloves is to reduce the vibration felt in your hands when you hit a ball.

To reduce these vibrations batting gloves are built thicker than receiver gloves. The issue with this is that it is going to restrict the flexibility of a players hands.

Football receiver gloves are usually constructed with a fairly lightweight and thin build. This allows the gloves the flex and bend with the receiver’s fingers in order to make difficult catches.

When wearing baseball gloves football players will find that their range of motion of their hands is limited. After all batting gloves are meant to be used with the hand closed while receiver gloves are meant for use when the hand is open.

Lack Of Confidence

The final reason that using baseball gloves for football isn’t the best idea is the lack of confidence that comes with it.

Some may find this point trivial but confidence is a very important factor in football especially for those trying to catch the ball.

If you have the idea that you are wearing batting gloves in your head you may find that it will affect your confidence.

You look good you feel good you play good is a famous football quote that describes the importance of feeling confident in what you are wearing on the field.

Showing up to a game with batting gloves can alter that confidence and potentially have negative effects on the field.

If you want to feel your best when playing football get yourself a pair of football gloves that makes you feel confident in your ability to catch the ball.

Thank for reading, that is all you need to know about baseball gloves in football, learn more about football players wearing neck rolls or why many do not wear jockstraps.

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