What Does TOT Mean In Fantasy Football?

Have you been checking out your fantasy football lineup and wondered “what does TOT mean in fantasy football?”. This acronym will often show up your fantasy football matchups leaving many fantasy football managers wondering what it means.

The acronym TOT stands for total and it is used to signify the number of touchdowns or tackles that a player has accumulated. In fantasy football, this term is typically used to display the total touchdowns a player has regardless if they are passing, rushing or receiving.

For example, if a player has two rushing touchdowns you may see a stat that says 2 Ru TDs. Looking at this you can tell that the touchdowns came from rushing due to the “Ru” before the touchdown.

If a player has a passing touchdown or receiving touchdown you will notice it should be noted as Pa TD for passing or Re TD for receiving.

The trouble is when a player has multiple touchdowns in different categories it can be hard to fit all this information onto the screen.

The majority of fantasy football managers use their mobile devices to set their lineups and check their matchups. In order to fit all the necessary information on the screen, apps like Yahoo or ESPN use abbreviations.

This usually does the trick but when a player has passing yards, rushing yards, passing touchdowns, and rushing touchdowns there is usually not enough room to display all the statistics.

Instead, these fantasy apps will use the TOT acronym to show the total number of touchdowns the player has thrown, caught, or rushed. This also fantasy managers to get a quick overview of how their player is performing.

If you click on the player’s name you will be able to get a full breakdown of the stats by category. The condensing of the statistic under the TOT category simply makes it easier to check out your team with a quick glance.

What does tot mean in football defense?

You may notice that when looking at a box score many defensive players are going to have a TOT statistic beside their name as well.

In these situations, TOT is going to stand for total tackles. This includes solo tackles as well as assisted tackles.

In other words, TOT on defense displays the total number of tackles that each player was involved in.

Positions Which Often Need TOT Stats

Most positions in football are only going to score touchdowns in one way. This means they do not need the TOT category as all their touchdown totals usually fit under passing, rushing, or receiving.

Though there are a few positions that tend to score touchdowns in multiple different ways.


Quarterback is a position in which the TOT stat is often used because they both throw and rush touchdowns.

Quarterbacks can be expected to throw touchdowns almost every game but they are also known for rushing them in as well.

Throughout a game, a quarterback usually accumulates several touchdowns. And since some of these come from passing and others from rushing it is not uncommon for their total touchdowns to be displayed.

The issue with displaying total touchdowns with a quarterback is passing touchdowns are usually worth a different amount than rushing touchdowns. This can make the TOT stat for quarterbacks a little unclear.

Wide Receiver

Wide receivers are primarily known for their abilities to catch the ball but in today’s NFL this position carries the ball as well.

The trickery used in the NFL these days often results in wide receivers scoring rushing touchdowns as well as receiving touchdowns.

When this happens you may notice the TOT acronym beside the player’s name. Since rushing touchdowns and receiving touchdowns are denoted using different abbreviations the TOT tag is used to show how many times this player has gotten in the endzone.

That concludes our guide on TOT in fantasy football learn about other acronyms such as PPR (points per reception) or ST% (starting percentage).

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