What does ST% mean in fantasy football?

ST% in fantasy football means starting percentage, this stat keeps track of the per cent of leagues that have a specific player starting. For example, if a player has ST% of 70 that means that are being started in seventy per cent of leagues.

This statistic can be a useful way to quickly determine the quality of your players. When looking at ST% on your fantasy roster you can quickly determine which players other fantasy football managers are putting in their starting lineup.

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How to use ST% in fantasy football

Compare within positions

One of the keys to getting the most out of the ST% statistic in fantasy football is comparing players within the same position.

The reason for this is that measuring ST% amongst different positions is that it is going to lead to an inaccurate comparison. For example, tight ends are fairly hard to come by in fantasy football.

There are not many tight ends that produce great fantasy numbers. Once bye weeks come around tight ends that are fairly mediocre fantasy players will have quite high starting percentages.

Despite having a high starting percentage these players are not necessarily valuable. Just because a tight end might have a higher starting percentage than a running back doesn’t mean you should put the tight end in your flex position.

Additionally, some positions like wide receiver will have several starting positions on a fantasy team.

This results in them having a higher ST% than position like quarterback which only have one starting spot.

By only comparing players that play at the same position you can get a more accurate idea of which player to start.

If you have two quarterbacks to choose from for your starting spot you can use the ST% to determine which quarterback is being started in more leagues.

Since these players play the same position this is a good way to compare these players.

Find streaming options

Another great way to use ST% in fantasy football is when looking to find streaming options.

Streaming in fantasy football refers to the action of picking up players off waivers and putting them in your starting lineup for the week.

When looking to stream a defense or a kicker it can be tough to determine which one to choose from. Results in positions like these are not very consistent and are often largely based on the matchup they have.

This is where starting percentage comes in. By looking at the starting percentage of a defense you can see which fantasy defenses and kickers are being valued for the coming week.

Kickers and defenses are often streamed which means they will often be picked up and started when a favourable matchup rolls around.

When looking to find a streaming option of your own sorting kickers or defense by starting position can be a great way to evaluate how these teams are looking in the coming week.

If a defense or kicker is being started in a large number of leagues it is likely that many other fantasy managers are deciding to stream that player.

If you notice your defense or kicker is only being started in a small number of leagues it may make sense to swap that player out of your lineup.

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