What does matchup-proof mean in fantasy football?

The term matchup-proof in fantasy football refers to players who are able to consistently produce fantasy points regardless of what team they are facing.

Matchup proof players in fantasy football can be incredibly valuable to have on your fantasy team. Most players are subject to decreases in their fantasy production when they face off against a tough opponent.

Matchup proof players in football have too much skill or are too vital to their offense to not produce against difficult opponents. This results in an incredibly reliable fantasy player who rarely if ever lays a dud.

Examples of matchup-proof players in fantasy football

Elite Quarterbacks

Elite quarterbacks are a great example of matchup-proof players in fantasy football. Players like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would be great examples of matchup-proof players.

Regardless of what defense these quarterbacks were facing they would consistently be able to produce quality fantasy numbers.

Even though a defense might make it a little harder on the quarterback they simply are not able to shutdown quarterbacks like this .

For fantasy managers, this meant your quarterback position was locked up and you didn’t have to worry about streaming quarterbacks when your starter faces a tough matchup.

A QB’s safety valve

Another type of player that can be matchup-proof is a quarterback’s go-to receiver.

Being a matchup-proof fantasy player doesn’t necessarily mean you put up massive numbers each week but rather that you put up consistent numbers.

A great example of this would be a tight end like Heath Miller. This type of player develops great chemistry with the quarterback to the point where they get a consistent amount of targets each game.

Heath Miller would often be Ben Roethlisberger’s go-to guy when plays were extended and he was looking for an open receiver.

This led to Miller producing consistent numbers throughout the year despite facing varying levels of defenses.

This is because it wasn’t Miller’s ability to beat defenders that resulted in his receiving yards it was his chemistry with the quarterback.

Regardless of who the Steelers were playing there would be several plays in which Roethlisberger scrambled in the pocket and then threw a ball to Miller.

This sort of player can be handy in your fantasy roster as you always know what you are going to get. With the unpredictability of the tight end position in fantasy football having a consistent player can be very helpful.

The always open wide receiver

Another player that can earn the matchup-proof title in fantasy football is the always open wide receiver. There are many great wide receivers in the NFL but there are many great cornerbacks as well.

Lots of number one wide receivers will produce when playing against weaker cornerbacks but will struggle against the top players.

Though for a few wide receivers across the league the cornerback they are playing against is almost irrelevant.

Davante Adams would be a great example of a wide receiver who is matchup proof. Even if the defense decides to double cover this wide receiver he will find a way to get open.

Not to mention playing with a great quarterback like Aaron Rodgers means there are some great balls being thrown his way.

This type of matchup-proof player is incredibly beneficial to your fantasy team. The inability of defenses to stop a receiver like this results in huge fantasy numbers throughout the course of the year.

Though since these players are so dominant against all levels of competition they will likely come at a steep price.

That is all on matchup-proof players, if you want to learn more fantasy football terminology see our guide to what boom and bust mean or learn what a snake draft is.

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