What Does DNP Mean In Fantasy Football

Have you logged into your fantasy football app and noticed a big red DNP right beside one of your players? If so you are going through the same experience of many fantasy football managers that have no idea what the acronym DNP means in football.

DNP is football stands for did not practice, when the letters DNP are beside a player on your roster it means that that player did not participate in the team’s most recent practice.

When a player is assigned a DNP it means they did not practice to any extent. If a player simply does light work around the field he will be assigned an LP meaning limited practice.

So if a player has a DNP beside their name it means that he has not practiced at all.

DNPs By Week Day

Another important factor involved with DNPs in football is the day of the week that they occur. This is an important distinction because a DNP on a Tuesday practice has different implications than a DNP on a Thursday.

Since the majority of NFL football games are on Sundays seeing a DNP earlier in the week is going to draw less cause for concern when compared to late week DNP.

Tuesday Did Not Practice

Say for example a player is assigned a DNP on a Tuesday this, of course, could mean the player will not play the upcoming week but this is not always the case.

Football is of course a very physical sport and for the veterans of the league these hits add up. For this reason, it is not uncommon for veteran players to get rest days on Tuesdays.

This means that you will often see DNPs given out on Tuesday despite the player not being injured. Additionally, some injured players may simply want to take the first day of practice after a game to let their bodies recover.

This is why Tuesday DNPs should not be too big of a concern for fantasy managers. Though it may be the sign of a more serious injury in many cases the player will still be able to suit up on Sunday.

Wednesday Did Not Practice

If you are coming across some Wednesday DNPs in your fantasy lineup it may be time to start looking for some replacements. If a player does not practice on Wednesday it means that there is almost certainly some sort of injury holding them back.

That being said this still does not rule them out of playing in the next game. If a player has a DNP on a Wednesday practice you want to keep a close eye on the Thursday and Friday practices to see if the player is able to suit up.

If a player fails to practice by Wednesday you will begin to see his ST% go down.

Friday Did Not Practice

Unfortunately, if a player on your fantasy team has DNP beside their name on Friday it means you may be in some trouble. If your player has failed to get a limited practice session this far into the week the odds he will be able to play are quite slim.

On some occasions, a player in this situation may test out his injury during warm-ups prior to the game. Though since the player didn’t practice this will be their only chance to see if they are game ready.

If a player in your starting lineup didn’t practice on Friday it is safe to assume he isn’t playing this week, meaning it’s time to look for a replacement.

That concludes our guide on understanding what DNP means in fantasy football. If you want to learn some more about fantasy football terminology you may want to check out our guide to what TOT or PPD means in fantasy football.

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