What does the red newspaper mean in fantasy football?

If you are new to fantasy football you may have just noticed the red “newspaper” beside a player’s name. This leaves many fantasy managers wondering what it is.

The red newspaper in fantasy football is a news icon that displays new information about your players.

Typically the news icon will be grey if there is no new information regarding this player. If you click this icon you can see older news reports about your fantasy football player.

Once the icon turns red it means there is current news regarding the player. Clicking on the icon will bring up the latest news snippet.

What sort of news is displayed?

Now that you know what the red newspaper icon stands for in fantasy football you may be wondering what sort of news is going to be displayed there.

Below we will cover the most common uses of this news feature.

Injury updates

One of the main reasons you are going to see that news icon go red is because of injury updates. Whether a player is labelled questionable or probable or healthy you are going to get an update each time that changes.

Throughout the week a player’s injury status will be changed based on their participation in practice.

For this reason, you will often see the news icon turning red throughout the week. If a player’s injury status is still unclear after the week of practice the injury updates will continue through the weekend.

Oftentimes a gameday news snippet will be displayed confirming whether or not an injured player is going to participate in the game.

The red newspaper will often be accompanied by the letter o for out, q for questionable, or d for doubtful.

These news updates can be crucial as they will let you know whether or not you can keep players in the starting lineup.

News snippets will also be sent out when a player is injured or their injury is confirmed. This will usually happen the evening following the game in which the player was injured.

Postgame recaps

Another reason the news icon will turn red in fantasy football is after a game is completed.

Each player will usually get a statistical breakdown of their performance. This red newspaper blurb will cover the yards and touchdowns a player got as well as how many targets or carries they had.

Oftentimes these news blurbs will also feature a short commentary regarding the player’s performance.

These can be handy to read if you were not able to watch the player’s game.

They provide a quick breakdown of what happened and how your player performed fantasy-wise.

Coaches comments

The reason the news icon may turn red in fantasy football is when a coach makes comments regarding a player.

Coaches will often comment on a player’s performance in a game or practice. When these comments seem applicable to fantasy football they will often show up in the news section.

Helpful pieces of information such as if a player will be a starter this week can be crucial to starting the right player in your fantasy lineup.

The news icon will also also be updated when a coach praises a player or their performance. These sorts of comments can display the coaching staff has confidence in the player. This can be helpful to know if you plan on starting this player in the coming weeks.

Taking the time to keep up with what they’re saying about the players in your fantasy team is often worthwhile.

That being said it is often wise to check out how this coach usually speaks about his players to determine if the comments are accurate.

Some coaches choose to mislead in their press conferences which can ultimately have a poor effect on your fantasy team.

That is all for our article on the red newspaper in fantasy football, to learn more check out serpentine drafts in fantasy football or learn what the fantasy acronym jag stands for.

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