What is a JAG in fantasy football?

The acronym JAG in fantasy football stands for “just another guy” in other words a JAG in fantasy football refers to an unspectacular player.

In fantasy football, it is easy to get carried away with your excitement for a player. Just about any player with a fast 40-time can be considered a potential fantasy darling.

Oftentimes fantasy managers will have to wait quite a while before realizing that many of these promising players are simply “just another guy”.

It is also important to note that being a JAG in fantasy football has nothing to do with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jaguars are often referred to as the Jags which can leave man finds confusing when using the JAG acronym in fantasy football.

Other fantasy football acronyms aside from JAG include GB in fantasy football and

What makes a player a JAG

Now that you know what a JAG stands for in football you may be wondering what puts a player in this category.

Below we will cover a few factors that are likely to get a player thrown into the JAG category.

Fantasy hype

One factor that plays into a player being considered a JAG in fantasy football is their level of hype.

Fantasy managers tend to use this term when they believed that this player was going to be more than a JAG.

For example, if a player is drafted in the seventh round it is likely they are not going to produce great numbers.

Referring to this player as a JAG is not too common as most fantasy players aren’t expecting them to put up great numbers.

Players that have a level of promise and fail to reach it are much more likely to be considered “just another guy”.

For example, say a wide receiver gets drafted in the second round and has elite top-end speed.

This sort of player could potentially do great things in the NFL. But after a few years of not making any big plays, fantasy managers may start referring to them as a JAG.

In other words, the term JAG is often used to describe a player that once had potential now being deemed an average player.

Lack of opportunity

In order for a player to produce in fantasy football, they are going to need opportunities. This can come via carries or targets.

If a player is not able to get on the field and get the ball in their hands they’re going to struggle to produce solid fantasy numbers.

Additionally, any player that is noticeably above average is going to find a way to get the ball in their hands.

Most coaching staff will realize this and will be sure to get quality players opportunities on the field. If a player is failing to get any opportunities this player may be a JAG.

Lack of production

The main reason a fantasy football player is going to be considered a JAG is due to lack of production.

When playing fantasy football there is only one thing that is going to earn you a win and that is scoring points.

Preseason hype and coach speak aren’t going to do you any favours when it comes to the regular season.

Players that fail to produce especially over several years will often earn the JAG nickname.

Football is all about production and if you can’t do that at a higher level than the rest of the league then you may be just another guy.

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