Why Did My Fantasy Football Score Change?

If you are reading this article it likely means that you have noticed your total fantasy points for the week go down. Do not worry this article will explain exactly why this happened and how you can check if it was an error or not.

If your fantasy football score changed it is likely due to a stat correction. A stat correction in fantasy football occurs when a statistician looks over the recorded statistics from the weekend’s games and notices an error and fixes it.

When this happens the stats will then be corrected in the NFL records as well as in fantasy. In most cases, these stat corrections are only going to result in a small change in a teams total scoring.

Though since it comes at the end of the week these stat corrections can be the difference between a win or loss in a close matchup.

Stat Corrections To Look Out For

Now that you know why your fantasy score changed after the week was over it’s time to go ever the stat corrections that may have caused it. Below we will break down all the top corrections that take place in fantasy football.

Pass Or Handoff?

The stat correction that can hit your team the hardest is the quarterback passing touchdown that turns into a handoff.

When throwing near the line of scrimmage it can be quite hard to determine whether or not a throw travelled backwards or forwards.

When a throw travels forwards this is passing and the quarterback will be credited with a passing touchdown. When a throw travels backwards this is considered a lateral and is, therefore, a running attempt.

Over the years of fantasy football, there have been many instances in which a quarterback loses a passing touchdown and passing yards due to the fact the pass actually travelled backwards.

This stat correction causes the biggest swing because it has the ability to take at least four fantasy points away from your team.

This is because your quarterbacks earn points for throwing passing touchdowns but not for handing off the ball for a touchdown.

Blocked Kicks

Blocked kicks are another play in which stat corrections are often done. When a kicker attempts a field goal the naked eye can not always notice a block in real-time.

A block that stops the ball completely is easy to see, but blocks that go off the tip of the finger are much harder to notice. Just hitting the tip of the ball can often be enough to cause a field goal to go wide.

Oftentimes these small blocks are not noticed right away and are uncovered when watching the replay in slow motion.

In most leagues, a blocked kick is going to earn your defense two points. This means you may find yourself earning a few extra points if a blocked kick goes unnoticed during the game.

Slight Yardage Adjustments

The other stat corrections that tend to happen in fantasy football are yardage adjustments. These are going to be small adjustments to a player’s yardage that usually only result in a change of 0.1 or 0.2 points.

This usually is not enough to change a matchup but it can become a bigger deal if your league plays with a bonus. Some fantasy leagues give out bonus points once a player reaches 100 rushing or receiving yards.

If this stat correction results in your fantasy player dropping below the bonus level you may find yourself losing a decent chunk of points.

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