What Does PPD Mean In Fantasy Football?

Have you been checking out your fantasy lineup and noticed the acronym PPD beside one of your players? For many fantasy managers, this can be a confusing experience as they do not know what the letters PPD stand for.

PPD in football stands for postponed, this acronym is used to let fantasy football managers know that a game has been postponed and will not be played at the scheduled time.

Since the majority of fantasy football is played on a week by week basis knowing that a weekly game is postponed is very important information. If you leave a player in your lineup that has a PPD beside his name you may find that your player will earn zero points for the week.

If a player in your lineup has a postponed game the first thing you want to do is determine what has caused the postponement. This will allow you to find out when the game will be played.

If the game is postponed until later in the week then you can keep him in your lineup. But if the game is postponed long enough that it is played on a different week then you will need to find a replacement for your lineup.

What Causes NFL Games To Be Postponed?

If you a big fan of football you’ve likely noticed that NFL games are rarely postponed. This leaves many fans wondering what it is that causes these games to deviate from their scheduled time.

Weather Delay Into Postponement

One of the most common reasons that a football gets postponed is due to inclement weather. In non-domed stadiums lighting strikes require that the game is paused, the players leave the field, and the fans leave their seats.

During these delays, NFL officials will have to watch for lightning strikes to determine when the game will resume. On some occasions, the storm will continue to create unsafe conditions for several hours.

If the delay goes on for too long the NFL will eventually postpone the game. In most cases, these weather delays are not going to lead to a postponement, but every once and awhile that is the result.

Severe Storms

Another weather-related reason that games can get postponed is from severe storms. Hurricane Katrina is an example of a massive storm that can result in games being postponed.

When a storm like this comes through a city NFL games are no longer a priority. Usually, the NFL will find alternate locations to play the game on short notice but often large storms like this can lead to a postponement.

Pandemic Complications

The pandemic can also result in postponements for your fantasy team as we saw in the 2020-2021 NFL season. If too many players or coaches have tested positive then the NFL will begin looking into postponing the game.

Though with the increased vaccination status of players in 2021 these postponements are likely a thing of the past.

National Tragedy

Another rare reason that can lead to PPDs in fantasy football is national tragedies. This type of postponement happens very rarely but in some cases can result in a postponement of all games in the NFL.

In 2001 when 9/11 occurred the NFL decided to postpone all of the week two NFL games in order to mourn those lost in the tragedy.

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