Do Football Players Wear Underwear?

If you are new to the sport of football you may not know all the equipment and clothing a player puts on before a game. This leaves many new football players wondering whether or not they should wear underwear under their jockstrap when they play.

The answer to the question do football players wear underwear is yes and no. All players are going to have a layer of clothing underneath their football pants but whether or not that is underwear depends on the player.

The biggest factor in whether or not a football player wears underwear depends on how they wear their jockstrap.

Some jockstraps also act as a pair of underwear while others will require a pair of underwear to be worn underneath. Read on to find out which type of jockstraps usually have a pair of underwear underneath.

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What Is Under Football Pants

players in football pants

Football players have several different options when it comes to what type of clothing they will wear underneath their football pants.

One option to wear underneath football pants is a girdle with a built-in jock. If a player is wearing a girdle it is not uncommon to not wear any underwear underneath it.

Girdles are usually made of the same materials as compression shorts. This tight-fitting and sweat-absorbing material works similar to athletic underwear and means that players are able to wear just the girdle with the jock built-in.

Jock strap shorts

Another option when choosing your clothing under your football pants is jockstrap shorts. These mesh material shorts feature a built-in jockstrap and are fairly loose-fitting.

If a player decides to wear this style of jockstrap then they will almost always wear underwear underneath them.

So if you are planning on wearing this style of jock shorts under your pants then you should plan on packing a pair of athletic underwear.

Jock Strap On Its own

Some players prefer to wear a jockstrap that is not built into any pair of shorts at all.

These jockstraps simply wrap around a players waist. Since this style of jock does not offer any sort of material underneath the football pants they are usually worn with underwear.

This means if you have a loose jockstrap you likely want to bring along some underwear. Otherwise, you might be getting some looks in the dressing room.

No Jock

fumble player jumping

Believe it or not, a large number of football players prefer to play the game without wearing a jockstrap at all. When this is the case you can almost always expect the players to be wearing underwear underneath their football pants.

This is because without a jockstrap you will not be wearing anything under your football pants if you decide to not wear underwear.

Most players that do not wear a jock wear a girdle or a pair of athletic underwear underneath their football pants.

What underwear do players wear in football?

When wearing underwear underneath your football equipment players almost always go with some sort of compression gear.

Traditional boxers or briefs are worn on occasion but these materials are going to be more restricting than athletic gear.

For this reason, players will tend to go with a stretchier more comfortable fabric when playing football. This athletic style of underwear also tends to do a better job wicking sweat off the body and keeping you dry.


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