What Is A Girdle In Football? Football Terminology

A girldle in football is a tight set of compression shorts that feature padding to protect your body. This piece of equipment helps to keep you safe while you play the game.

A girdle looks like a pair compression shorts with padding on your thighs, hips and your tailbone. Girdles also typically have a section to place a jockstrap.

What Does A Girdle Do In Football?

A girdle typically features pads on the thighs hips and tailbone. These are common areas of contact in a football game. This will not prevent from all the dangers you face on the football field but you should find that it will soften the blow of hits to the protected area.

If you are a ball carrier like a running back or a receiver you will find it is quite common to get hit in the hips and thighs.

These are common areas for the defender to target especially if you are a taller player. Getting hit repeatedly in these areas can add up and potentially cause injuries in these areas.

Preventing this with padding will help avoid this issue. The tailbone pad is a lees common place to get hit but your body has virtually no muscle or fat on that part of the body making contact there more painful.

How Do You Put On A Football Girdle?

Putting on a football girdle is a very easy process. It is typically done by placing the girdle on one leg at a time just like a pair of shorts.

You may find the protective padding on your girdle is removable. In this situation you will have to be sure to place all the padding in the right location on the girdle. This is easier to do before you put the girdle on.

To find out which pads go where you can either look at the instruction manual or just match the padding to the size of the pockets. You should find that there is two hips pads two thighs pads and single pad for your tailbone.

Most leagues will also have players wear knee pads aside from the padding in their girdle.

This is the typical build of a football girdle but it varies depending on which brand you purchase your girdle from.

How Much Does A Girdle Cost?

Girdles are a relatively cheap piece of equipment with the average price being in the range of thirty to seventy dollars. If you shop online you should be able to find girdles for low prices by shopping around.

When compared to receiving gloves, jerseys, and helmets, girdles are one of the less expensive pieces of equipment.

Do I Need To Wear One?

Though it is the norm to wear a football girdle it is not always necessary. Not all leagues consider this a mandatory piece of equipment. To be sure if you should wear a girdle we recommend you check with a health professional or coach to determine the risk of not wearing this equipment.

We also suggest you find out if your league considers this piece of football equipment mandatory.

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