How do college football players get so big?

If you watch football often you have likely wondered how college football players get so big. The main reasons these players are so large is they often already big when they start playing college football. They are also able to dedicate their lives to eating well and working out under professional supervision.

With these players being only in their late teens and early twenties many football fans expect these players to be a similar size to most high school players, though this is obviously not the case.

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College Football Players Are Not High School Football Players

One of the main reasons college football players seem so large is because they are being compared to what many football players see first hand which is high school football.

The reality is not that these players are getting so much larger after high school. Instead, colleges are selecting all the biggest players to continue to play football after high school.

It is no secret that size and genetics are a huge part of a player’s success in this game. For this reason, the players that have large frames and those who can put on a lot of muscle mass are usually the ones selected to play college football.

These large players continue to grow throughout their late teens and early twenties. When you see college football players on television you are usually seeing all the football players around the country that have been selected to go to the next level based on their size or athleticism.

Dedication To Eating Well And Lifting

One of the main reasons that these players are able to get so large when playing college football is their dedication. For most college football players this sport is the most important thing in their life.

They spend the vast majority of their time training and preparing for their football seasons. In football, the best way to prepare yourself is to get in the best possible shape.

College football programs know this and make getting in proper shape easy for football players. These players will have access to state of the art training facilities they can use almost any hour of the day.

On top of working out, these players are also often given food privileges. Whether it is before practice or after games there is often food being sold or served at the football facilities.

This food is usually the exact sort of thing these players need to get in the best shape possible. Eating this food often aids football players in the process of adding muscle mass.

Professional Guidance

One more aspect of college football that allows these players to get so big is the guidance they are given by coaches and assistance.

Most college football programs are going to include strength training coaches as well as nutritionists.

Strength coaches will guide these players in doing the optimal exercises for their position. This will allow them to get larger than those who are attempting to come up with their own training schedules.

The nutritionists will ensure that these players are eating the proper foods they need to in order to get into the best possible shape. All of these reasons put together explain why college football players are so big.

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