How long and wide is a football field?

The strategies and styles of playing football changed over the years but one thing that remains constant is the size of the field. This article is going to break down the width and length of football fields.

The length of a football field is 120 yards or 360 feet. The width of a football field is 53 1/3 yards or 160 feet. It is important to remember that endzones are included in the length of a football field.

This rectangular field is used in almost all levels and leagues of football.

Generally, a football field is measured using yards as this is the measurement that is used for the markings on the field.

That being said some football fans prefer to get the measurements in feet or meters to help them get a better understanding of its size.

Length of a football field

The length of a football field is 109.7 meters, 120 yards, or 360 feet. All these lengths are based on the NFL’s measurements which include both teams’ endzones.

When not including the end zones a football field’s length is 100 yards, 91.44 meters or 300 feet.

Football fields are made of grass though many football stadiums prefer to use artificial turf.

On a football field, you will find markings or hash marks for each yard. Every five yards there is going to be a solid line across the width of the field.

Every ten yards there is a number painted on the field marking the distance from the closest endzone. These markings allow players and fans to get a better idea of where they are on the field and how far they have progressed the ball.

The lines on either end of the field that marks the end of the field are called the endlines.

Width of a football field

The width of a football field is 48.8 meters, 53 1/3 yards, or 160 feet. The lines that mark the end of the field in terms of width are called the sidelines.

The sidelines on the field will be marked with a thick white line.

This white line is going to be a minimum of six feet wide. The width of this line is not included in the measurements of a football field’s width.

The sidelines are made thick so that players and coaches stay further away from the sideline.

Football players are often tackled out of bounds which often leads to collisions with players and coaches on the bench.

How many acres is a football field?

The easiest way to break down a football field into acres is by using square footage. One acre is equal to 43,560 square feet.

Earlier in the article, we established a football field is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. To calculate the square footage we multiply these two numbers together.

The square footage of a football field is 57,600 feet. This means a football field is 1.322 acres.

Remember this number is calculated using the endzones as they are part of the football field.

Without the endzones, a football field is going to be 300 feet in length. This would make the square footage of a football field without endzones is 48,000 feet.

This means a football field without endzones is equal to 1.1 acres.

How big is an endzone in football?

In football, there is going to be an endzone at either end of the field. The endzone is 10 yards, 9.14 meters or 30 feet in terms of length.

In terms of width, the endzone is going to be the same as the rest of the field with a width of 160 feet.

All in all an endzone in football is 30 feet long and 160 feet wide.

This means the total area of an endzone is 4800 square feet.

Are football fields different sizes in different leagues?

Throughout high school, college and the NFL football fields are always going to be the same size. The only league that sports a different sized football field is the Canadian Football League.

The CFL football field is a total of thirty yards longer than a traditional football field. Each end zone in the CFL is twenty yards in length which is ten yards longer than the NFL.

The playing field itself is also ten yards longer. This brings the total length of a CFL field to 150 yards.

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