How Many Players Are On A Football Team

One look at the sideline of a football game and you can tell pretty quick football is one of the largest team sports out there. But how many players are on a football team? The answer to this question varies depending on which league you are referring to.

That’s why we’ve created this guide answering all your questions regarding the number of players on a football team.

How Many Players Are On An NFL Team?

An NFL roster has a total of fifty-five players on it throughout the season. Though only forty-eight of these players are eligible to play in a given game.

Prior to the start of the season, NFL team rosters are much bigger. You are able to bring a total of eighty players to training camp. Though the September 5th deadline marks the day you will have to cut your roster down to fifty-five.

NFL teams are also able to keep a total of 16 players on a practice squad. These players can be used in practice but must be elevated to the active roster in order to play in a game.

How Many Players Are On A College Football Team?

For the majority of college football programs, there is no set limit on the number of players they are able to have on their team. This leads to a very uneven number of total players throughout college football teams.

Though NCAA division one football does limit the number of scholarships to eighty five. This makes it more difficult to attract players than eighty five as they would be playing without any scholarship funding.

That being said there are many division one college football players that do play without a scholarship.

Though there is no hard evidence supporting the exact average of a College football team our research led us to believe the average should be in the range of 90-110 players on the roster.

How Many Players On A High School Football Team

High school football teams have the largest variety when it comes to football team sizes. NFL linebacker Leighton VanDer Esch played in an eight-man football league in high school and his graduating class only featured eleven students.

That being said the majority of states have no rules regarding the max number of players. The number of players playing on your team is going to be dependent on the size of your school as well as the level of interest in american football in your area.

You should find the largest rosters will have roughly 100 high schoolers on their roster. While the average school should have somewhere from 40-70 players on their roster

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