Do Ivy League Schools have a football team?

Yes, all Ivy leagues have a school football team. There are a total of Ivy league football teams in total. Ivy league schools do not tend to have the best football teams but they do play in division one.

The majority of Ivy League schools’ football games are played in their own division. This means the games are usually ivy league schools playing one another.

This allows the top teams in the division to have a good record but does not necessarily mean they are a good team at the division one level.

An Ivy-league football team has not won a bowl game since 1934. These teams can play against the lower level teams in division one but will never be ranked or play in big bowl games.

Ivy league football programs also have the disadvantage of players being occupied with their studies. In many football programs, the players put little to no work into their schooling and simply focus on football.

For most football players at ivy league schools schooling is going to be a priority. These players cannot skate by on easy degrees and only focus on football.

Schools that have this sort of academic standard are also selecting players from a much smaller pool. Larger schools in the country have much higher acceptance rates and can recruit players with a much broader grade point average.

This results in many athletically talented players going to schools that do not have high academic standards for acceptance.

Ivy League Players in the NFL

Though these schools don’t tend to have the best football teams there have been a number of players who have made their way to the NFL.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick is one of the most memorable players to make the NFL from the Ivy league. Though he never became a long-term franchise quarterback Fitzpatrick put up solid numbers for many years in the NFL.

Ryan Fitzpatrick played his college football at Harvard University.

He often carried subpar teams to decent records as a journeyman quarterback in the NFL.

Fitzpatrick is widely remembered for his several years as the starting quarterback of the Buffalo Bills. His infectious personality and commitment to winning made him a fan favourite among the league.

JC Tretter

JC Tretter is another player which played in both the NFL and Ivy League football conference. Tretter went to Cornell University and played on their football team for four years.

Tretter started his career as a tight end but ultimately switched to the offensive tackle position after two years. He excelled in his new position and quickly caught the eye of NFL scouts

Tretter started his career in Green Bay after being drafted in the fourth round. After a few years, Tretter moved to Cleveland and started all sixteen games for five consecutive seasons.

Tretter is also well known for his role in the NFLPA. In 2020 he was elected as the president of the national football league players association. Tretter was re-elected in 2022.

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