What is a WR3 in fantasy football?

A WR3 in fantasy football is a wide receiver who is ranked between 25th to 36th at their position. There are generally twelve teams in a fantasy football league and the WR3 is meant to occupy your third wide receiver spot in your lineup.

This terminology is used to rank fantasy players in any position. For example, a WR1 would be a player who ranks from 1 to 12 at the wide receiver position.

And a WR2 is going to be ranked from 13th to 24th at their position.

Alternative meanings of WR3 in football

The terminology WR3 in fantasy football refers to a player ranked 25th to 36th at the position but it can have other definitions as well.

On some occasions, a term like WR3 is meant to denote the third-best wide receiver on a football team.

In this context, the number beside the position represents where they rank compared to the players on their team.

For example, the RB1 on a football team roster would be the starting running back. But an RB1 in fantasy football refers to a running back that ranks in the top twelve positions.

This is an important distinction to make and one you should be aware of when talking about fantasy football.

In fantasy terms like QB1 or WR3 are going to relate to a player’s ranking in fantasy not their ranking on their team’s depth chart.

Traits you want in a WR3

Now that you understand what a WR3 is in fantasy football you may be wondering what you should be looking for in these players.

Potential to move up the depth chart

One thing a fantasy manager may want when drafting a WR3 is an opportunity to move up the depth chart. In most cases, a WR3 isn’t going to be the top receiver on their team.

These are often younger players who are talented yet have not yet become to go-to target for their team. In these situations, you want a wide receiver that may have a chance to take over the starting role.

Whether it happens due to an injury or improved play a WR3 that can increase their target share throughout the year can be valuable to your team.

Pass heavy team

A fantasy manager might also look to pick up a player that plays on a pass-heavy team. As we covered earlier a WR3 is likely to not be the top receiving option on the team.

This means this player is going to require a lot of passes in order to put up solid numbers. Playing on a pass-heavy team means the top receiver can play well with the WR3 scoring points as well.

They also may want a WR3 to be on a team with a positive game script. This means the team will often be behind and will be throwing the ball frequently.

Teams that are often winning by large margins are more likely to throw the ball.

Ability to make big plays

Another thing a fantasy manager may want in a WR3 is the ability to make big plays. These players are going to get fewer targets than WR1s and WR2s.

This means these players are going to have to make due with limited plays. This means you are going to need your WR3 to make plays with the ball in their hands.

Having a WR3 with big-play ability can mean great fantasy production even on days where they only see a few targets.

That is all on WR3 in football see our articles on what is a TE1 or what is a RB2 in fantasy football to learn more.

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