What does QB1 mean in fantasy football?

The term QB1 in fantasy football refers to a quarterback that is ranked in the top twelve at their position. Most fantasy football leagues have twelve players. Having a QB1 means that you have a quarterback that is good enough to occupy your first QB position on your fantasy team.

For reference when a player is a QB2 in fantasy football they are expected to rank between 13-24th in their position.

Using these terms players can be ranked for expected performance in the upcoming game or over the course of a season.

This terminology used to rank players in fantasy football is also used in other positions. Terms like TE1 or TE2 use the same ranking system meaning a TE1 is a tight end ranked in the top twelve and a TE2 is ranked from 13th-24th.

Alternative meanings of QB1

QB1 in fantasy football is going to refer to a player’s ranking in the top twelve of his position but it can be used in other contexts as well.

QB1 is a term that can be used when describing the depth chart. A QB1 on your team is going to be the number one ranked quarterback on your team. Though when talking about fantasy football this is not how the term is used.

For example, Teddy Bridgewater is the top quarterback on his team making him the QB1 on the depth chart.

But since Bridgewater is not expected to finish a fantasy season in the top twelve quarterbacks he would not be considered a QB1 in fantasy football.

What you want in a QB1


One of the key things you want in a QB1 in fantasy football is consistency. Of all fantasy football positions, the quarterback is the one you can count on week in and week out.

If you have a QB1 on your roster you need to be able to trust this player to put up points each week. Quarterbacks put up the most points of any fantasy position meaning a dud of a game can seriously hurt your chances of winning.

Your QB1 should be able to put up solid points even if facing off against a tough defense.

High involvement in the offense

Another key to a player being considered a QB1 is his involvement in the offense. This may seem strange as a quarterback but this plays a large role.

Quarterbacks on run-heavy teams can find themselves playing a smaller role in the offense.

These players can end up putting up poor stat lines while their running back carries the ball and runs out the clock.

Quarterbacks that the offense is built around are going to get yards no matter what. Even if it comes in garbage time heavily involved quarterbacks are going to get their stats up by the end of the game.

If the offense can be successful without your quarterback throwing passes this may be a bad sign for the quarterback’s fantasy production.

Quality weapons

Another key component to being a QB1 in fantasy football is having quality players to throw to. Having good receivers on the offense makes the quarterback’s job a lot easier.

Good receivers, tight ends, and receiving backs can all greatly improve a quarterback’s fantasy output.

If a quarterback has receivers that cannot generate separation then it will be difficult to complete passes. Having multiple weapons also helps when facing off against teams with an elite cornerback.

Even if the defense can shut down your top receiver the quarterback will still have other effective players to throw the ball to.

That is all on QB1 in fantasy football if you want learn more about this fantasy terminology check out our guides to what is a WR1 in fantasy football or what is an RB2.

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