What is an RB2 in fantasy football?

An RB2 in fantasy football refers to a player that is ranked between 13 and 24 at the running back position. Generally, fantasy leagues have twelve players meaning an RB2 is meant to occupy your second RB position.

For reference when a player is considered an RB1 in fantasy football they are expected to rank from 1 to 12 at the running back position.

While an RB3 is a player ranked from 25th to 36th in the fantasy running back rankings.

Terms like RB2 are often used when rankings players in the upcoming week or over the course of the season.

Alternative meanings of RB2 in football

The term RB2 in fantasy football refers to the ranking of a running back from 13th to 24th but it can be used in other contexts as well.

Some teams use terms like RB1 and RB2 to refer to the position of players on their depth chart. When talking about your football team referencing the RB1 means the number one running back on the depth chart.

In this context, the term RB2 is used to denote the second string player at the running back position. These terms are used for all positions including QB1 and TE1.

Though it is important to remember that this is not what this term means in fantasy football.

There are going to be 32 RB1s on depth charts across the league. Yet only twelve of these players are going to be considered RB1s in fantasy football.

Traits of an RB2

Now that you know what an RB2 is in football we are going to break down some of the common traits seen in this tier of players.

Lead back on a passing team

One common trait amongst RB2s is that these players are quality runningbacks on a pass first team.

These players will often get a solid amount of carries and touches throughout a gaem but can somtimes get lost in the shuffle.

If the offense finds itself in a shootout the running back can fade into the background.

For most RB1s they are a vital part of the offense and will get the ball in their hands one way or another.

Having a higher rate of passing plays and lower rushing plays will greatly affect a runningbacks fantasy production throughout the course of the season.

Touchdown dependent or scarce

Another common theme with RB2s in football is that these players are often very dependent on touchdowns or fail to score them altogether.

Some runningbacks may not be the three-down feature back but can keep their fantasy scores afloat by scoring a large number of touchdowns throughout the season.

On the opposite side of the coin, some backs can produce throughout the drive but are substituted out in the red zone.

Both these styles of players can find themselves being RB2s. These types of players can often be picked up for a good value as their inability to play all aspects of the game often leaves them underrated.

Great but not elite back

Another way to identify an RB2 in fantasy football is to judge their overall talent. A lot of times these players are great but not elite running backs.

They can prove to their team they should be the starter and produce solid numbers once they get the job. But these players are not able to get to that upper echelon and produce as one of the top twelve backs in the league.

These players are often in great situations but due to their talent will produce solid but not incredible fantasy numbers.

That is all on RB2s in fantasy football, if you want to learn more about this terminology see our articles on what is a WR2 in fantasy football or what is a TE3.

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