What is a QB2 in fantasy football?

A QB2 in fantasy football is a player who is ranked between 13th and 24th at the quarterback position. There are typically twelve teams in a fantasy football league for this reason a QB1 is a quarterback ranked 1-12 and a QB2 is ranked 13-24.

Using these terms fantasy writers will evaluate a player over the next game or over the rest of the season.

Alternative uses of QB2 in football

The term QB2 can also be used in the context of the depth chart. Outside of fantasy football teams may refer to their second-string quarterback as their QB2.

In the same vein, a team’s starting quarterback may be considered a QB1 if they are first on the depth chart. Though this is not what is meant when using these terms in fantasy football.

Players can be the starting quarterback on the football and still be far away from being a QB1 in fantasy football.

When hearing the term QB1 or RB1 in fantasy football it is in reference to the player’s fantasy football ranking and their position on the depth chart.

Traits of a QB2 in football

Solid Starter

One of the common themes amongst QB2s in fantasy football is that they are good but not great starters on their team. In order to be a quarterback ranked 13th-24th this quarterback is going to have to start for their team.

That being said these players are rarely going to carry the team to a victory. The top twelve quarterbacks in fantasy football all are going to be considered QB1s.

These top twelve spots usually are usually going to account for all the top quarterbacks in the league.

Once you get into the QB2 tier you are more likely to find game managers as quarterbacks.

Though there will be a few gunslingers in the QB2 tier the majority of these players are going to be solid quarterbacks that are going to get the job done but aren’t going to wow you.

Can get yards on the ground

Another common theme amongst QB2s in football is that they often can get you some fantasy points by rushing the ball.

These QBs do not have the arm talent to put up huge fantasy performances each week. For this reason, fantasy managers will often rely on them picking up some rushing yards or even a rushing touchdown.

Remember rushing yards and touchdowns are going to be worth more than passing yards and passing touchdowns in the vast majority of fantasy football leagues.

Developing Quarterbacks

QB2s in fantasy football tend to be developing/younger players. The NFL is a cutthroat business and if a quarterback is not able to play at the quality of a starter then they are usually out of the league within a few years.

This results in the top of the league being franchise quarterbacks and the rest are primarily made up of younger players trying to prove their worth.

This often results in quarterbacks ranked 13th-24th being younger players looking to improve their game.

This is a benefit to have in a fantasy player on your roster as they likely have not yet reached their ceiling. It is a common tactic for fantasy managers to hold on to players like this so that they are able to reap the benefits when they mature into QB1s.

That is all for QB1s in fantasy football to learn more about fantasy terminology checkout our guide on what is a WR2 or what is a WR3 in fantasy football.

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