What is a TE2 in fantasy football?

The term TE2 in fantasy football refers to a tight end that is ranked between 13th and 24th at their position. There are generally twelve teams in a fantasy football league and the TE2 is a player that fits into the second tier of players in the tight end position.

This type of terminology is also used when ranking players in higher tiers. For example a TE1 is going to represent a tight that ranks from 1 to 12 at the tight end position.

And a TE3 is going to be ranked from 25th to 36th at the tight end position.

Since a TE1 is ranked in the top twelve they should fill out your tight end position in your lineup. If a player is TE2 they are below that threshold of a top twelve tight end which means that ideally, they would not be in your starting lineup.

When you see this term used in fantasy football they are typically referring to a players rank in the coming week or over the course of a season. Using terms like TE2 can be a quick way to identify the ranking of a player in fantasy football.

Alternative meanings for TE2 in football

On top of the meaning in fantasy football, the term TE2 in football can be used in other contexts as well.

Some football fans may use a term like TE2 when referencing a team’s depth chart. In this context, players are being categorized based on where they stand on the depth chart.

For example, a TE2 would be the second-string tight end on the team. A TE1 would refer to the top tight end on the team AKA the starter.

This terminology is more commonly used in positions in which there is only one starter. QB1 for example is a common term used to represent the starting quarterback on a football team.

Positions like wide receiver are a little more confusing when using these terms as there are generally two or three starters at the position.

Though it is important to remember that the depth chart is not taken into account when using terms like TE2 in fantasy football.

In fantasy football, these acronyms are only used to denote the ranking of a player.

What do you want in a TE 2

Now that you know what a TE2 is in fantasy football you may be wondering what traits you should look for when adding or drafting these players.

Opportunity to increase their role in the offense

One trait that is valuable for TE2s in football is the opportunity to play a bigger role in the offense.

TE2s are going to be ranked from 13th to 24th. Tight ends ranked at this level typically don’t have a very good fantasy output. What you are looking for is a tight end that can make the jump to the next tier.

This can be done by selecting young tight ends or tight ends on teams in which the starter may leave or retire soon.

Touchdown Opportunities

When it comes to TE2s it is very common that these players are going to get a fairly small amount of receiving yards throughout a game.

This means these players are often dependent on their touchdowns in order to have a decent fantasy output.

When looking at TE2s you want a player that has a chance to get some looks in the redzone.

These players are not likely to score long touchdowns so being a viable target for the quarterback in the red zone is a huge plus.

That is all on the TE2 in fantasy football to learn more about fantasy football terminology see our guide to understanding what a WR1 is or what a WR3 is fantasy football.

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