What Are Football Spats Used For?

Have you ever been watching a football game and wondered why football players wear spats on their cleats. For those that don’t know spats are cloth coverings that are pulled over the top of football cleats.

Spats of this variety are not commonly used in the NFL. Though players often use a technique called spatting which involves wrapping a large amount of tape around the player’s cleat and ankle.

Main Purposes Of Football Spats

Now that you know what football spats are you may be wondering why players wear them. Below we will break down the main reasons that football players elect to wear spats.

Reducing Ankle Injuries

One of the main reasons that football players use spats is in order to reduce ankle injuries. Sprained ankles are one of the most common injuries that football players deal with.

Players using spats believe that this equipment will allow them to keep their ankles in good condition throughout the game.

Spats or spatting using tape is often done around the ankle area. This tape has the purpose of restricting the mobility of the ankle. Of course, when playing football you want your ankles to have some mobility to ideally the spats will stop the ankles from hyperextending.

Nearly half the players in the NFL choose to spat their ankles with tape before each game. If this many players are using spats each game it is likely that they have a positive effect in reducing ankle injuries.

This use of tape to prevent ankle injuries is why you will often see players with injured ankles heavily taped. By taping the ankle you will restrict its motion, therefore, making it much harder to roll.

Keeping Shoes Tied And Tight

Another reason that players wear spats in football is in order to keep their laces tied. If you watch football often you have likely seen a cornerback tieing his shoes or putting his shoe back on after a play.

This goes to show you that having a loose shoe can have a negative effect on your game. By using spats players will be able to ensure their shoes remain tied tight.

This is because the spat itself covers the laces of your football cleats. Additionally, by wearing these spats you will find that no dirt or debris will make its way into your shoe.

Looking Good

A final reason that players may choose to wear football spats when they play is for the look. As a football player, it can be tough to show your personality with your equipment. Using spats or spatting your ankles with tape is one way a player can do that.

Looking good on the field is one way in which players are going to improve their performance. Feeling good in the gear your wear will show itself in your play.

Oftentimes players will use spats with graphics on them or spat their ankles with coloured tape that matches their jersey. This will often give these players confidence on the field as they will feel good going into the game.

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