Why Do College Football Helmets Have Stickers?

If you watch college football on Saturdays you’ve likely noticed the stickers and decals on college football helmets. The trouble is most fans don’t know what any of these stickers mean.

These college football helmet stickers can take on many different meanings. Below we are going to break down the most common reasons for stickers on football helmets

Player Accomplisments

One of the most common reasons for stickers on college football helmets is for player accomplishments. Throughout the NCAA there are tons of teams that use helmet stickers as a way to mark down positive accolades.

In most cases, these stickers are going to be related to the team Mascott or logo. Some popular examples include Ohio State which has Buckeye leaves on their helmets or Florida State which uses Tomahawks for their helmet.

In most cases, these stickers are given out to players based on their performance in a game or practice. Most teams have a set list of accolades that will earn you a helmet sticker.

For example, if the buckeyes defense manages five or more three and outs in a single game them each member of the defense will earn a sticker.

Some programs elect to give out these stickers based on performance in practice. On these teams the stickers are usually given out based on the coaches discretion rather than a predetermined statistic.

The origin of earning a sticker on your college football helmet came from Miami of Ohio University. At this school, a former WW2 fighter pilot recalled the tradition of putting a sticker of the enemies flag each time they took down a plane.

The coach liked the idea and began the tradition of places stickers and decals on the player’s helmets each year. Miami of Ohio no longer participates in this tradition but it has now become popular all across the country.

Stickers For Commemoration

Another common reason that you may ontice stickers on college football helmets is when commemorating someone who has passed. It is not uncommon for the football community to come together and mourn someone when they pass.

On some occasions, entire leagues or conferences will wear a sticker on their helmet commemorating someone. And on other occasions, a single team will wear the sticker when someone from their team or coaching staff is lost.

Social Causes

Sometimes you may also find the football decals are used on helmets for social causes. The most recent example of this is black lives matter. Sports leagues across the world looked for ways to pay their respects to this cause in respective sports.

In football one of the best ways to do this is with a helmet sticker. Football does not offer a ton of room for personalization when out on the field. This is why a helmet sticker is often used as a medium for social causes.

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