What does bye mean in fantasy football?

If you are seeing the word “bye” beside one of your players in fantasy football that means they are on a bye week and their team does not have a game.

Players that have bye weeks should be taken out of your fantasy lineup and replaced by someone on your bench.

Since a player is not going to play on a bye week they are not going to score you any fantasy points.

Getting a player to fill the empty spot in the fantasy lineup must be done before the games conclude that week.

Ideally, you want to check your lineup ahead of time and find replacements for your bye week players before the week starts.

Why are there bye weeks in fantasy football?

Football is a very physically demanding sport which takes its toll on the players throughout the season.

To help keep players healthy throughout the season each team is given one week of rest.

These bye weeks will be rotated amongst teams throughout the season.

This will give players time to let their bodies heal from the injuries they have likely picked up throughout the season.

When do bye weeks start and end in fantasy football?

Bye weeks in the NFL start week 6 and continue until week 14.

This means players will not be on bye weeks for fantasy football playoffs.

The bye weeks don’t start until week six because teams want to play a good portion of their season before they take a week of rest.

Alternative meanings of byes in fantasy football

On top of the bye weeks that players have in the NFL fantasy managers can also earn byes.

In some playoff formats, a bye week may be given to the top two seeds in the playoffs. 

When given a bye week teams will be able to skip the first round of the playoffs. 

This makes byes incredibly valuable as it often means teams will only have to win one game in order to make it to the fantasy football finals.

For this reason, teams should work hard to acquire a bye for the first round of the playoffs as it will greatly increase their chances of winning the league.

Why you should pay attention to bye weeks in fantasy football?

One of the main reasons you want to pay attention to the bye weeks of players in fantasy football is so you don’t end up with multiple players on bye during the same week.

This is especially true for players in the same position. When bye weeks come around in football you are going to have to use the backups on your bench.

The trouble is multiple teams will have the same bye weeks meaning your backups could potentially be off that week as well.

When drafting players at the same position make sure to keep an eye out for their bye weeks.

This is especially important for backups who are primarily used during the bye weeks in which your starting fantasy players are unavailable.

Another reason you want to pay attention to bye weeks in fantasy football is to make sure you are finding your replacements weeks ahead of time.

There will be a few weeks of the fantasy football season in which many teams have byes. This means there are going to be a lot of fantasy players looking for a replacement on the waiver wire.

To beat out your opponents make sure to check out which players have byes a few weeks in advance.

This will allow you to grab a quality replacement player before the other fantasy managers come looking.


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