What Does Opp Rank Mean In Fantasy Football?

If you are new to fantasy football the huge number of terms and acronyms can often leave you confused. One term that often leaves fantasy managers puzzled is Opp rank.

Opp rank in fantasy football stands for opponent ranking. Opp rank measures how effective the opposing defense is against each position.

If your tight end has an opp rank of 1 that means that his next opponent allows the fewest points to tight ends.

If a tight has an opponent ranking of 32 this means they are playing the team that gives up the most points to tight ends.

It is important to remember Opp rank is based on each position. Each team is going to rank differently in their ability to stop quarterbacks, running backs, receivers, and tight ends.

A team may give up the fewest points to quarterbacks but may give up the third-most points to running backs.

Make sure to check the opp rank for each player on your roster, a team with an elite defense can still struggle to cover certain skill positions.

Opp rank is based on the opponent’s rank at stopping each position. Meaning the lower the rank the better the defense. If the opp rank is 1 that means they are ranked number one at stopping that position.

When looking for favourably matchups you want to see high opp rank numbers. If a team is opp rank 32 this means they are ranked last at stopping that position from scoring fantasy points.

What To Know About Opponent Ranking

Now that you understand what opp rank means in fantasy football it’s time to learn how you can use this ranking to help your fantasy team.

Some Players Are Opp Rank Proof

One thing you need to know about opp rank is that it is not the end all be all when it comes to fantasy stats. On every fantasy team, there are going to be players you start no matter who their opponent is.

These players are what is referred to as matchup proof. When you have matchup-proof players you should not put too much weight into the opponent rank as you will be starting these players either way.

Opponent ranking tends to play a larger role when deciding between multiple players near a similar level of fantasy output.

Important For When Weekly Streaming

One situation in which opp rank can be extremely important is when weekly streaming. Streaming in fantasy football refers to picking up players each week to start at a specific position.

In most cases, streaming is done with quarterbacks and defenses. When looking to pick up a player to start each week the opponent ranking is going to very important.

When adding a defense the opposing offense is one of the biggest factors in how they will perform. If you are able to add a defense with a high opp rank for the upcoming game this can be very beneficial.

Since many players on the waiver wire are around the same calibre it can be especially helpful to check out the opponents ranking as a way to make a final decision.

Pay Attention To The Time Frame

Another important factor of opp rank in fantasy football is the time frame in which this ranking was created. This is especially relevant at the beginning of the season.

Early in the year opponent ranking is going to be heavily skewed based on who each team played in the first few weeks. If a defense played some weak offenses their rankings are going to be artificially higher.

This is why you should take this ranking with a grain of salt early in the year. It may also be helpful to check out who their opponents were early in the year to determine if their ranking is accurate.

Additionally, some fantasy websites allow you to check the opponent’s rank over the last four weeks. These different time frames allow you to determine if the team has played better or worse as of late.

With how much defenses can fluctuate throughout a football season this can be a very helpful feature.

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